Stop the State Tax on Military and Wounded Warrior Retired Pay in West Virginia

Stop the State Tax on Military and Wounded Warrior Retired Pay in West Virginia

    1. Heather McCormick
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      Heather McCormick

      New Haven, WV

The State of West Virginia has a rich military history with many retired and wounded retired living in the state. Our state currently has a state tax on military retired pay and Disability Retired Pay for military members wounded in combat that have been retired due to combat injuries. The truth is you can get this tax money back at the end of the year, however why should our military members who served over twenty years or been wounded in action have to give the state a portion of their pay they can only get back at the end of the year? These veterans are giving an interest free loan for the state and our state needs to stop taking away from those that have already given so much. Please sign this petition and send a message to our State Law Makers to make West Virginia a true Veterans friendly state. Many who retire from the armed forces look for places to relocate and retire in, some are turned off by the fact that our state is one of a few states that still tax Military retired and Wounded Warrior Retired pay.

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    • Wayne Prescott WALTON, WV
      • about 3 years ago

      American Patriots, well educated, technically prepared for today's emerging industries and we're loosing them to states that no longer tax military retirement benefits. WV should become the military retiree's desired haven instead of a second or third choice. WV is missing out on tremendous downstream opportunity for real growth just to collect a few $ in current taxes.

    • James McCormick NEW HAVEN, WV
      • over 3 years ago

      Time to do this is now.


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