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Stop the Sale and Trade of Shark Fins and Fin Products

    1. Petition by

      Sea Stewards

Each year tens of millions of sharks are being killed for their fins alone in the practice called shark finning, and as bycatch in industrial longline fishing.  These are unsustainable practices and populations of sharks cannot endure this pressure. The  growing market demand generated by shark fins for soup and other shark products are the tipping point for ocean ecosystem stability.  Sharks are essential components of a healthy ocean.
With its large and relatively affluent community, San Francisco is a significant consumer of shark fin soup.  Without any certifiable sourcing, consumers of fins in shark fin soup and in the dried fish markets are unwittingly responsible for creating a serious imbalance in our ocean ecosystems.  Until a solution is achieved certifying that shark fins can be sourced to a sustainable shark fishery, we hereby petition that the Mayor and Supervisors proclaim a ban on shark fins and shark fin products in the City and County of San Francisco, promote Shark Sanctuary San Francisco and help develop solutions for sustainable seafood practices.

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    1. We will now close this petition and work statewide. Victory for sharks and ocean health!

    2. Dear supporters of sharks.
      I am proud to announce that our Assemblyman Jared Huffman has championed this issue and with Assemblyman Paul Wong have submitted AB 376, the California State Bill to ban shark fin sales. Sea Stewards has thrown all of our weight behind the state wide initiative. With our partners the California Academy of Sciences, the Monterey Bay Aquarium, the Humane Society US, Wild Aid and others, we request your support of AB 376. Please look for a campaign for California votes to write their representatives and champion this bill to protect sharks.
      Thank you for your support. We will make a difference for ocean health.

      David McGuire
      Director Sea Stewards
      A Sponsor of AB 376

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