Stop the Raising, Capture, Killing and Export of Exotic Meats
  • Petitioned, the sale of exotic meat (esp. African Lion).

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Stop the Raising, Capture, Killing and Export of Exotic Meats

    1. Susan Savia
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      Susan Savia

      Winnabow, NC

Farm raised African Lion in the USA for human consumption?  How and why is this possible? Zebra, Wild Board, Black bear, Beaver, Antelope, Camel -- the list goes on -- the raising or capture and killing of exotic animals for consumption is unnecessary and unacceptable in today's endangered environment (check out all the species listed and the "Trappers Wanted" appeal at the bottom of the website). Many of these animals are becoming rare and headed toward extinction in the wild, and deserve protection -- they don't belong on a dinner plate.

I just found out about the market for exotic meats through a local Asian market, and when searching on the net, was shocked and dismayed to find many others in business. I find it offensive and heartbreaking that anyone would raise or trap these animals and sell them for profit and human consumption.

I am making a compassionate appeal to get the word out about these markets, make our disapproval heard loud and clear, and force these markets to remove these exotic species from their inventory. And boycott any businesses that support these markets and promote the consumption of exotic meats, especially African Lion!

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    • Prabhat Misra ETAWAH, INDIA
      • about 2 years ago

      We are part of Biome; ecosystems have been evolved for all animals and plants with regional specifications. All animals have EQUAL RIGHT OF LIVING as humans have. This is the sole responsibility of highly evolved animal species, that is, HUMANS to save and respect all animals and plants. I am running RED TAPE MOVEMENT to save trees and biodiversity [ ]. Grass root level awareness will be helpful to save our biodiversity.

      Good effort, Susan Savia.

    • Donna Turner SAN FRANCISCO, CA
      • about 2 years ago

      This can't possibly be legal, but if somehow it is, the laws need to change!! This has got to stop!!!

    • Kristy Lisowiec GRAND BLANC, MI
      • about 2 years ago

      Lions are Earth's Majestic Creatures. Not to ever be consumed by humans. It's Sickening.

    • Mary Ann Oostdyk NEPTUNE, NJ
      • over 2 years ago


    • liu wai ling N.T., HONG KONG
      • over 2 years ago

      Lion is beauty animals. They have intelligent

      and feeling. And also have right to alive. Please ! stop killing and export of meats .It most terrible and inhumane. They are not farm animals. Their lion is wild. Give them

      freedom . Respect a life.


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