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Stop, the Monopoly of "Wal-Mart, Chain-Super-Markets!"

Wal-Mart must stop breaking "out of business" other "Chain-Super-Markets!"

    1. Manuel Alejandro Fernandez Flores
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      Manuel Alejandro Fernandez Flores

      La Mesa, CA

Please, let us be serious with our small-businesses. Because Wal-Mart Chain Super-Marts really pay its employees low-salaries, it does not let its employees to develop economically. Wal-Mart does not allow its employees to have great benefits, such as an intership for education that is far most important in our society. Not only, Wal-Mart Chain Super-Markets exploit its employees, but also all its products are not, "Made in the U.SA," or even "Assembled." The products come from, "Made in China," only, and that is what the Republican and Romney supports. We need to insist President Barack Obama to make product in America! Tell, Wal-Mart Chain Super-Markets to do the correct competition between other Super-Market stores and grocies! I know there is People who care about our Wal-Mart' employees and the "Made in the USA" Products! To educate our Wal-Mart employees and convince President Barack Obama to care and create jobs here in America, so our products have quality and graduteedance again! Our society and nation deserves to progress as well in China! Yes, We Can, do it!

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    • Charles McCullough LAS VEGAS, NV
      • about 2 years ago

      Walmart exercises its power from enormous wealth through politics. No single family or corporation should be able to influence social and economic issues in the way Walmart has been affecting our nation and the world.

      • about 2 years ago

      Small businesses lose business cause of Wal-Mart corporations. Wal-Mart associates think that growing our economy is sending hand-made or jobs overseas would benefit us to save more, than they are really, very wrong! We, here in America will or lose benefits to find a job or create a small business for ourselves. If you one of the persons who really care about growing and developing our American economy, then it is time to act! Let, send Wal-Mart corporations and associates a really strong message from the people who now are well-inform to help grow the economy! Yes, We Can! Vote and support the President in 2012! Strongly, support this Petition for the good of the American People! God blesses all!


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