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  • Petitioned Bandar Mohammed Abdullah Al-Aiban

This petition was delivered to:

President, Human Rights Commission, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Bandar Mohammed Abdullah Al-Aiban
Sri Lanka Ambassador to Saudi Arabia
H.E. Mr. Ahmed A. Jawad
Socialist Democratic Republic of Sri Lanka C/- Office of the President
President Mahinda Rajapakse

Stop the Execution of Rizana Nafeek in Saudi Arabia

    1. Petition by

      Safe World for Women


"We are heartbroken and devastated to recieve news of the outrageous and unjust beheading of Rizana Nafeek.

Our hearts go out to her family and loved ones."

Chris Crowstaff - founder, Safe World for Women - 9th January 2013

Beyond Injustice - Saudi Beheading of Sri Lankan Maid

Sri Lankan immigrant maid sentenced to be beheaded in Saudi Arabia. A baby in her care choked to death & Rizana was accused of murder. Rizana was 17 at the time, couldn't speak the language & had an unfair trial...

UPDATE Jan 2013:

Rizana at risk of imminent execution!

Asian Human Rights Commission reports that Rizana Nafeek may be executed 'at any moment' despite international protests.


Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa to take part in first Asian Corporation Dialogue Summit in Kuwait on 16 and 17 of October. According to Migrant Rights, the President’s office has indicated an intention to broach Rizana's case.

UPDATE - August 2012

Asian Human Righs Commission renews request to Sri Lankan government to intervene.

UPDATE - January 16th 2012

Two foreign employment
sub agents who are alleged to have sent Rizana Nafeek to Saudi Arabia for employment were sentenced to two years rigorous imprisonment and ordered to pay Rs.60,000 each as compensation to her parents.

The Attorney General indicted the suspects for helping to send Rizana Nafeek with the use of a forged birth certificate to Saudi Arabia to work as a housemaid.

UPDATE - November 19th 2011

A press release by the secretariat of the Sri Lankan Western Province Governor said there is some progress and they hoped they could obtain Rizana's release before long.

UPDATE - November 15th 2011

Rizana had an emotional meeting with her parents.

UPDATE - September 14th 2011

The two suspects in the Rizana Nafeek alleged human trafficking case who are in remand were further remanded until September 26 pending the filing of Charges against the suspects by the Attorney General.

UPDATE: August 8th 2011

Sri Lankan news reports that Rizana is likely to be formally pardoned and brought home 'very soon'.

A ministerial delegation from Sri Lanka is said to be in Saudi Arabia attending to the formalities.

UPDATE: June 16th 2011

Statement from Rizana sheds new light on her case 

The newly obtained signed statement of Rizana Nafeek of Muthur, Sri Lanka, the housemaid who is now languishing in the Death Row in Saudi Arabia has shed new light in her case and how her case was badly handled by the Sri Lankan Embassy Officials in Saudi Arabia, as well as by the lawyer who has been retained on her behalf.

According to the available information, Rizana Nafeek , retracted her confession at the court hearing, on 3rd February 2007, and informed the court that her original confession admitting to the killing of the child had been obtained by the Police under duress.

The Asian Tribune is now in possession of the new statement prepared in the Tamil language by the Sri Lanka Embassy in Saudi Arabia

UPDATE: June 14th 2011

Sri Lankan Government 'ready to pay any amount' to save Rizana

The Sri Lankan government is ready to pay any amount of money as 'blood money' to rescue Rizana Nafeek...  said Foreign Employment and Welfare Minister, Dilan Perera, addressing a press conference at the Central Bank.

UPDATE: April 2011

Mother's pardon pending

Sri Lanka Foreign Employment Bureau (SLFEB) Additional General Manger L K Ruhunage said the Bureau has not given up its diplomatic effort to save Rizana Nafeek, the 20-year-old Sri Lankan housemaid facing execution in Saudi Arabia.

Rizana can only be released if she was granted a pardon by the child’s parents, said SLFEB sources.

The father of the child has reportedly expressed his willingness to pardon Rizana. The mother’s decision is still pending, they said.

UPDATE: 3rd December 2010

Asian Human Rights Commission:

"The Asian Human Rights Commission has reliably learned that Rizana Nafeek's appeal has reached the critical stage as her file, which was pending before the External Affairs Ministry has now been handed over to the office of His Royal Highness the King of Saudi Arabia for his Majesty's final decision.

The decision could be 1) to pardon her and order her release, 2) to confirm the court's verdict which would mean immediate execution, 3) to freeze the file, which means that the file will not be decided upon indefinitely.

His Royal Highness the King can make any one of these decisions at any time. If the decision is an adverse one the execution will be imminent.

For those who wish to intervene with his Royal Highness the King to seek pardon for Rizana Nafeek now is the time."

26th October 2010, the Asian Human Rights Commission issued a press release containing the following alarming information:

The death sentence has been confirmed in the case of a young Sri Lankan Muslim girl, Rizana Nafeek. She was charged with strangling the 4-month-old child of the family for whom she worked as a housemaid.

She was legally allowed only 30 days from the date of the court order to make her appeal. An appeal was made on her behalf by the intervention of human rights groups who paid for the lawyers and her death sentence was set aside pending appeal.


Rizana Nafeek was born on February 4, 1988 and comes from a war-torn, impoverished village.

Here, many families try to send their under aged children for employment outside the country, as their breadwinners. Some employment agencies exploit the situation of the impoverished families to recruit under aged girls for employment.

For that purpose they engage in obtaining passports by altering the dates of birth of these children to make it appear that they are older than they really are. In the case of Rizana Nafeek, the altered date, which is to be found in her passport now, is February 2, 1982.

It was on the basis of this altered date that the employment agency fixed her employment in Saudi Arabia and she went there in May 2005.

She went to work at the house of Mr. Naif Jiziyan Khalaf Al Otaibi whose wife had a new-born baby boy. A short time after she started working for this family she was assigned to bottle feed the infant who was by then four months old.

Rizana Nafeek had no experience of any sort in caring for such a young infant. She was left alone when bottle feeding the child.


While she was feeding the child the boy started choking, as so often happens to babies and Rizana Nafeek panicked and while shouting for help tried to sooth the child by feeling the chest, neck and face, doing whatever she could to help him.

At her shouting the mother arrived but by that time the baby was either unconscious or dead. Unfortunately, misunderstanding the situation the family members treated the teenager very harshly and handed her over to the police, accusing her of strangling the baby. At the police station also, she was very harshly handled and did not have the help of a translator or anyone else to whom she could explain what had happened.


She was made to sign a confession and later charges were filed in court of murder by strangulation.

On her first appearance in court she was sternly warned by the police to repeat her confession, which she did. However, later she was able to talk to an interpreter who was sent by the Sri Lankan embassy and she explained in her own language the circumstances of what had happened as stated above. This version was also stated in court thereafter.


According to reports, the judges who heard the case requested the father of the child to use his prerogative to pardon the young girl. However, the father refused to grant such pardon. On that basis the court sentenced her to death by beheading. This sentence was made on June 16, 2007.

The said murder allegedly took place in February 2005 when Rizana Nafeek was only 17 years old. Sources said she had modified her age on her passport so that she could enter Saudi Arabia to work. Accordingly, she was still considered a minor by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Child.


Rizana Nafeek's case is now before an advisor to his Royal Highness the King who has the power to pardon her.

There is good reason to grant her a pardon as no real crime is involved when a 17 year-old girl with no experience has to bottle feed an infant and as a result there is an accident by way of the infant choking.

At the initial stages of the case the accused young girl did not have legal representation or any assistance from her Embassy and did not even have a proper translation of what was going on. This tragedy which has been taken up as a crime should not lead to another tragedy of a young girl being beheaded for no crime at all.

Source: Asian Human Rights Commission


Please sign the petition to Sri Lanka President Mahinda Rajapakse to request that he does his utmost to continue to appeal to His Royal Highness, King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, to save Rizana Nafeek.

Copies will also be sent to H.E. Mr. Ahmed A. Jawad (Sri Lanka Ambassador to Saudi Arabia) and Bandar Mohammed Abdullah Al-Aiban (President, Human Rights Commission, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia).

Read more:

Rizana Nafeek: A Tragedy of Two Families

Write to HRH King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud

Recent signatures


    1. Reached 4,000 signatures

      Sri Lanka Foreign Employment Bureau (SLFEB) Additional General Manger L K Ruhunage yesterday said the Bureau has not given up its diplomatic effort to save Rizana Nafeek, the 20-year-old Sri Lankan housemaid facing execution in Saudi Arabia.

      Rizana can only be released if she was granted a pardon by the child’s parents, said SLFEB sources. The father of the child has reportedly expressed his willingness to pardon Rizana. The mother’s decision is still pending, they said.

      Rizana was sentenced to death by Saudi Arabian High Courts for allegedly killing her employer’s four month old son. She claimed that the child had died due to accidental choking.

      Following Rizana’s sentence, the Bureau appealed to the parents of the child to grant a pardon to the housemaid who was 16 years old when she committed her alleged crime in February 2005, said Ruhunage. Meanwhile, the execution of Rizana’s sentence to be carried out last year was suspended by the King of Saudi Arabia following an appeal by President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

      Rizana’s family in Muttur are hopeful that their daughter will be pardoned and returned to the country. “We are fasting and praying for her return,” Rizana’s mother Razeena told the media. She is the eldest of a family of four.

      Meanwhile, sources at the Bureau said they sent a team to meet Rizana’s employer and his wife in Riyadh to seek a pardon for Rizana. The employer, the father of the child has reportedly agreed to pardon Rizana

      The mother’s decision is still pending, the sources said.

      Ruhunage said, the Bureau is prepared to offer compensation to the child’s family for her release.

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    Reasons for signing

      • almost 2 years ago

      Stop com a execução de Riazana Nafeek

      • almost 2 years ago

      Top a execução de Rizana Nafeek

    • Steve Martin PHOENIX, AZ
      • almost 2 years ago

      One should never execute a female babysitter. Did she intend to harm the baby? Probably not. Let her go home. She has suffered enough already I'm sure she feels terrible about what happened. My son almost accidentally choked to death once. As he was beginning to turn green, he pulled the quarter out of his own throat with his little fingers. He was in my wife's care at the time. i was in bed when the incident began but got up sensing something was wrong. Look at intent in this case. Mens Rea: http://thelawdictionary.org/actio-non-facit-reum-nisi-mens-sit-rea/

      • almost 2 years ago

      We need equality. We don`t need dead. Please, we need to think about humanity.

    • Anusha Gunawardena AMSTERDAN, NETHERLANDS
      • almost 2 years ago

      I found out I was too late. I don't know what to say


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