Stop the Eviction of Occupy Portland
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Stop the Eviction of Occupy Portland

    1. Jordan LeDoux
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      Jordan LeDoux

      Portland, OR

Whereas the right to freedom of assembly and freedom of speech are guaranteed by the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America, as well as Article I, Section 1 and Section 26 of the Oregon State Constitution;

Whereas the grievances which are being expressed through this protest reflect upon political structures which are so entrenched as to be impenetrable barriers to this speech;

Whereas the model employed by Occupy Portland allows any human being to participate fully and alter the direction that the protest action takes;

Whereas the establishment of a central and visible space to voice these grievances is crucial to their redress and to the involvement of the public in articulating the issues which are being examined;

Whereas the City of Portland enforced an eviction of the Occupy Portland protest from a public space on November 13th, 2011;

Whereas we believe that the camping and park closure ordinances being enforced constitute a prior restraint on our First Amendment rights in light of the impenetrable political structures which exercise undue influence upon our elected government, and these ordinances are being employed in violation of Article I Section 26 of the Oregon State Constitution to halt assembly of the people;

Whereas the main concerns cited by the City were those of public safety and sanitation, yet inspections by the Multnomah County Department of Health could not substantiate such concerns and the Portland Police were notified of the public safety issues but refused to take effective action to solve them;

Whereas the Portland Police, in justifying their refusal to enforce public safety laws within the encampment, cited the various temporary structures as residences and thus expressed Fourth Amendment concerns about proceeding in the absence of a warrant;

Whereas treating these spaces as residences, as the City and the Portland Police did for the purposes of addressing safety concerns, suggests a longer period of notice than was given for the previously described eviction;

Whereas the City of Portland announced their eviction through media outlets instead of delivering it to the people in question;

Whereas the notice for eviction was given at 10AM on the day before Veteran’s Day weekend, ensuring that Occupy Portland had no chance to address the issue in court prior to the execution of said eviction;

Whereas the City stated before evicting that they would be providing services and help to those that were being displaced by the eviction of Occupy Portland, yet many of these individuals were instead pursued by the Portland Police and targeted for their participation in said protest by repeatedly being kept from sleeping in public spaces;

Whereas the manner in which the previously described pursuit and targeting of homeless individuals who took part in this protest contradicted the Oregon Court of Appeals ruling in 2005 on the "Sit-Lie" law and the 2009 ruling by the Multnomah County Circuit Court following the law’s modification;


Whereas Occupy Portland intends to again occupy a public space in protest on December 3rd, 2011 within the city of Portland and has made earnest efforts to address many of the concerns which were raised by the City and the Portland Police;

It is established that the City of Portland and the Portland Police cease from carrying out a dispersal of the encampment and removal of temporary structures in this space so as to facilitate open dialogue and preservation of speech.

Occupy Portland has expressed a willingness over its entire duration to address concerns and work with officials to ensure a safe space for all and feels that no such process will occur unless the City engages in discussion that preserves our ability to exercise our First Amendment rights.

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    Reasons for signing

    • Anna Soderberg PORTLAND, OR
      • almost 3 years ago

      Occupy will continue until the bigwigs in Washington listen.

    • Bill Daniels NANTICOKE, PA
      • almost 3 years ago

      The Occupation Movement is the most heroic thing I've seen in the country since the Freedom Riders.

    • caroline good SHERMAN OAKS, CA
      • almost 3 years ago

      The OWS movement is our last chance to make the country aware of who is really doing them in, and it isn't the 99%. These patriotic young people, who see a future that is below the standards of the American ideals that they were raised in and got an education for, are doing the country a favor and every effort needs to be made so that they can continue to spread the message.

    • Jeff Stookey PORTLAND, OR
      • almost 3 years ago

      Because corporations have taken over our government and we the people must stand up and take it back.

    • Sloane Petersen OGDEN, UT
      • almost 3 years ago

      I'm just trying to spread the message about changing the Utah liquor laws. We should be able to by liquor in grocery stores, but the government has been controlling these laws and hurting business's of Utah for long enough. Please help by letting Utah know that adults should be able to make their own decisions. Thanks for your time


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