Stop the EU's legal war on web cookies
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Stop the EU's legal war on web cookies

    1. Oliver Emberton
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      Oliver Emberton

      Derby, United Kingdom

A new EU privacy law recently came into effect which criminalises over 90% of website owners. The law requires that websites ask visitors for prior consent to use most web cookies.

Nearly all websites use cookies, which are an extremely common technology for remembering anything about a visitor between webpages. Cookies are commonly used for logging in, sharing socially, commenting on pages, analytics and more.

This law is well intentioned but misguided. We're not against stronger privacy laws, but the current law is woefully unclear, punitive, and ignorant of the Internet at large.

Here are some industry reactions:

"It is so breathtakingly stupid that the normally law-abiding business may be tempted to bend the rules to breaking point."
- OutLaw's editorial from 2009

"Enforcing this legislation - if it can even be enforced, so unworkable and technologically illiterate is the basis on which it has been conceived - will have disastrous effects on innovation and entrepreneurship throughout Europe and it will dramatically affect the livelihoods of publishers whose incomes come from advertising."
- Wired

"This looks like a shambles doesn't it? Call me old-fashioned but the law should be drafted in such a way that it is possible for people to know which side of it they are on."
- The Guardian

"If enforced his law will kill off the European startup industry stone dead, handing the entire sector to other markets and companies, and largely those in the US."
- TechCrunch

Changing the collective mind of the EU is a formidable, and possibly impossible task. But we can start by being heard. Sign this petition to show your objection to this law.

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    1. Reached 3,000 signatures
    2. No to the Cookie Law (Speckyboy Design Magazine)

      Oliver Emberton
      Petition Organizer

      "A newly launched site has dubbed the upcoming EU Cookie Law “ridiculous,” echoing the sentiments of a growing number of voices across the internet. As these protests grow louder, No Cookie Law aims to raise awareness of the EU cookie law and hopefully increase the chance of changes being made."

    3. Anti-EU cookie law protest site launched (.NET Magazine)

      Oliver Emberton
      Petition Organizer

      Day one of our campaign and our first magazine coverage.

      "According to Silktide MD Oliver Emberton, the law will render “social buttons, analytics and discussion systems like Disqus impossible to use without interrupting the user with a pop-up or slide-out banner,” and he told .net that non-EU rivals “have no such restriction, and so good luck competing with them”."

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      • about 2 years ago

      I am a senior web developer, and this law is just one more proving a terrible lack of informed decision making in the IT sphere by our elected governments. This law is equivalent to banning cars because some people drive too fast.

      It does nothing to improve online privacy, and merely presents more hurdles to the website developer and more confusing technical messages to the already-confused website users.

    • Olly Johnston TAUPO, NEW ZEALAND
      • about 2 years ago

      Im not even from Europe and this is pretty silly

    • Wesley Overdijk HAARLEM, NETHERLANDS
      • about 2 years ago

      We will have to ask the user if we're allowed to use cookies. However, when they select "no" we'll have to use a cookie to remember that choice (or ip, fingerprint, denial of access). Funny. Simply educate your people, a cookie law isn't going to do anything, or solve anything. So I guess it's easy, no cookie, no service.

      • about 2 years ago

      Because webmasters need the freedom to use certain technologies on their pages, all websites insert cookies, and most are not harmful or even invasive. It is overlegislation to put a blanket cover on all websites. Ones that DO have overly invasive cookies should have a strong privacy policy, but this is not most websites.

      • about 2 years ago

      I'm a web designer and believe that users don't care about cookies. It's just more pc nonsense.


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