Stop the Discrimination: No Pork Leads to Rejection of Muslim Foster Parents
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Stop the Discrimination: No Pork Leads to Rejection of Muslim Foster Parents

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A private company licensed by the state of Maryland to place foster children with families is refusing to allow Tashima Crudup, a Muslim living in Baltimore, to become a foster parent because she won’t allow pork in her home.

People from many walks of life – including Muslims, Jews, vegetarians, and others – choose not to eat pork and serve as exemplary foster parents to children in need.

The company, Contemporary Family Services, seems to be discriminating against Crudup solely on the basis of her Muslim religion.

Both the state of Maryland and the city of Baltimore bans religious discrimination by health and welfare agencies. The government needs to step in and demand that CFS stops its discrimination against Muslims immediately. We have far too many children who need loving homes and we can’t let bigotry stand in their way.

Send a letter demanding an investigation and a permanent end to discrimination against Muslim foster parents.

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