Stop the Attack on Voting Rights in the Ohio Statehouse!
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Stop the Attack on Voting Rights in the Ohio Statehouse!

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Conservatives in the Ohio Statehouse want to turn voting from a right to a privilege.  HB 159, which restricts voting identification to certain types of government-issued Photo IDs, could disenfranchise almost a million Ohioans.  Worse, the effect is not fair or equal and will disenfranchise primarily minorities, students, seniors, the disabled and the poor. It is estimated that 25% of African Americans and 18% of seniors don't have a valid form of photo ID and over 600,000 students in Ohio would be prohibited from using their student IDs to vote.

Tell the Senate Committee Members that every citizen has a right to participate in our democracy.  Voting is not just for those who can afford it! 

The bill, which legal scholars consider unconstitutional, has been panned by newspaper editorials around the state.  The Cleveland Plain Dealer called it “woefully out of balance and an invitation to litigation.”  The Toledo Blade called it a “21st century poll tax.”  The Canton Repository said “the [current voting identification] system won’t work as well if this bill becomes law.” The Dayton Daily News said “Everything about this bill, substance and process, makes House Republicans look bad.” The Youngstown Vindicator stated the effect of the bill would “be to make it more difficult for many legal Ohio voters to cast ballots.” Even the conservative Columbus Dispatch editorial board asked the Senate to “take a step back” and “slow down.” 

HB 159 creates an unfunded mandate that will then force the State into spending large sums of taxpayer money to defend it in Federal Court.  It will give Ohio the embarrassing title of the most difficult state to vote and all to solve a 'problem' that doesn't exist.  

Ohio can’t afford to fund a solution without a problem! Tell the Senate that our tax dollars should not be used to disenfranchise voters!

While HB159 allows for a free IDs to those who declare themselves 'indigent' and provide extensive personal documentation of income and expenses to local BMV registrars for the final decision, it does not offer a way for the poor to get copies of documents which are required to obtain an ID.  These documents can run from $21.50 for a birth certificate to $345 for naturalization copies, without including the costs of transportation and the time off of work to get to the offices.  In these tough economic times, those on the bottom of the economic ladder should not be forced to make a decision between feeding their families and casting a ballot.

The Ohio House has already passed this bill -- a mere eight days after it was introduced.  Supporters of HB159 know that Ohioans would be outraged if we knew what they were up to and have tried to push this through with minimal public input. HB 159 was now been assigned to the Senate State Government Committee -- we must let them know that we will not be silent while they strip voting rights from eligible citizens.

Our voices and our votes do matter.  Please take action today to ensure our democracy is not challenged by an elite few.


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    1. Your pressure is working! Thank you for signing the Petition to Stop the Attacks on Voting Rights at the Ohio Statehouse. Together, we have begun to turn the tide against this unconstitutional and un-American bill, but we still have work to do.

      Please read the update below and then share this petition with your friends, family, and coworkers who have yet to sign. Share it on Facebook, post it on Twitter, make a YouTube video, send an email, or make a call to a friend. No matter how you get it done, please help get 1 more person to sign this petition today!

      UPDATE: Good news! A war of words has erupted in Columbus between Republican Secretary of State John Husted, Ohio’s highest ranking election official, and Conservatives in the Statehouse over House Bill 159.

      According to the Columbus Dispatch, during a speech to the League of Women Voters during Ohio’s annual Statehouse Day, Husted said, "I believe that if you have a government-issued check, a utility bill in your name with your address on it, that no one made that up. They didn't call AEP and establish utilities in their name to commit voter fraud."

      Still, one comment from one official does equal a victory. Our work is far from over and Conservatives in the House are not going to quit. In the Cincinnati Enquirer this week Representative John Adams, a member of the GOP House Leadership and 5th highest ranking member in the House, recommitted his intention to continue trampling the constitution with HB159 and blasted Secretary of State Husted for not playing along.

      The bill is currently in the State Government Committee in the Senate and we must ensure that it never makes it to the floor or the Governor’s desk! Republican in-fighting is a good sign but we can’t let up the pressure.

      We are so close to our signature goal and with your help we can get it over the top! Please share this petition on Facebook, post it to your twitter account, and email it to your closest friends, family, and co-workers.

      As always, thanks for all you do to fight for Ohio!

      Your Friends at

      P.S. It’s so important that we keep up the pressure on lawmakers about this bill. Please share the petition one more time on Facebook or post it on Twitter. If everyone recruits only 1 more person to get involved, we will blow past our signature goal! Voting is a fundamental right; don’t let them take it away for the most vulnerable.

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    • phyllis Lewis HUDSON, OH
      • over 3 years ago

      Go under "Angry Buckeyes" with the former

      Governor Strickland. Very interesting...

    • Pamela Kilgore COPLEY, OH
      • over 3 years ago

      I am against this bill. You are requiring a person to pay to vote. Low income people already have trouble keeping their families housed, fed and clothed. Getting and ID should not cost so much.

    • Kelly Lattime RICHFIELD, OH
      • over 3 years ago

      Current identification forms for voting are effective and there is minimal voter fraud in Ohio. This bill is an obvious ploy prevent democratic voters from exercising their constitutional rights. Do not allow HB 159 to pass.

    • Diana Goodpasture AKRON, OH
      • over 3 years ago

      Our public school systems are our greatest strength in education.

    • Darlene Williams TOLEDO, OH
      • over 3 years ago

      Why are the these people trying to destroy the middle class. Do they actually think that GOD is going to stand by and allow this.


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