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UPDATE SUMMARY, 1/7/10: Since the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) issued its
2010 plan to capture 12,000 wild horses and burros, Kinship Circle followers
have persistently urged the Obama Administration and U.S. Congress to
intervene. Once free to roam in family herds, horses are corralled into pens
to await adoptions. Too many horses with nowhere to go means some are sold
to foreign kill floors -- a grisly end for these magnificent creatures.

A RAY OF HOPE? In Defense of Animals (IDA) reports that Washington DC
officials have ordered BLM to suspend a January roundup of 200 horses (until
July 2010) in Utah's Confusion Mountains. BLM says it will gather public
comments during this time.

THEY'RE LISTENING! "Clearly, BLM's complete about-face...is directly related
to massive public outcry," said Eric Kleiman, IDA's director of research.
YOU are that public, and now more than ever, you must lobby for horses with
vigilance. Rest assured that anti-horse interests such as ranching, big game
hunting, mining, oil drilling and development are invested in horse removal.

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