Stop South Korea from burying pigs and other animals alive!
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Stop South Korea from burying pigs and other animals alive!

    1. Robert Kiehn
    2. Petition by

      Robert Kiehn

      Alsip, IL

I saw this story the other day and was both disgusted by it and

felt that action needs to be taken to stop it from happening again

in South Korea and other nations as well. Please read the news article

below and sign the petition! Thanks and God bless. -Rob

"South Korea Buries One Million Pigs Alive

sky - South Korea has been heavily criticised for burying up to one million pigs alive as it grapples with a foot and mouth disease outbreak. Since the first case of the disease was confirmed in November the country has embarked on a mass cull. Foot and mouth disease affects all cloven hoofed animals such as pigs, cattle and goats, and any country that has cases of it is unable to export the animals' meat.

The South Korean government has so far refused to vaccinate pigs against the disease and is now slaughtering them in record numbers despite appeals to stop. On January 4 in one area of Gangwon-Do, 33,900 pigs alone were destroyed, according to the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE). Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) said that South Korea's actions contravene international guidelines.

Michele Danan from the organisation said: "Live vaccinations are the best route but if they do have to kill them we would prefer that they were at least slaughtered humanely." The estimated cost of the cull so far is believed to have reached around £230m when a mass vaccination programme would have cost an estimated £63m. Some animal rights campaigners have criticised the government for putting economic considerations ahead of animal welfare.

It is believed the live burial of pigs began at Christmas and the figure is likely to climb far above the one million mark. Joyce D’Silva, Director of Public Affairs for CIWF said: "Compassion in World Farming is appalled that the Republic of Korea is allegedly throwing pigs into pits and burying them alive. This is totally contrary to international guidelines on humane culling, which the Korean government endorsed five years ago. We urge the Korean government to end this horrendous practice at once and to ensure that, if animals are culled, this is done humanely."

Thanks gos to Lon's site Phantoms

 and Monsters for this story at

ans sky as well at

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    • Nadja Vahlqvist LAPPEENRANTA, AA
      • over 3 years ago

      You sick fucks! 엿먹어!!

    • Ryan Bell PRESTON, NY
      • over 3 years ago

      The treatment of these animals is completely revolting. Something has to be done.

    • Jill McLaughlin NEWPORT, RI
      • over 3 years ago

      How can anyone be capable of such

      barbarism and cruelty? Please do whatever it takes to keep this from happening anywhere.

    • Cathy Duszynski WAUKESHA, WI
      • over 3 years ago

      End this barbarism now!

    • Megan Burrous MENIFEE, CA
      • over 3 years ago

      The way this situation is being handled is absolutely, unequivocally unacceptable! God gave us livestock for us to CARE for, not to abuse and mistreat just because we are too lazy to CARE for them responsibly and properly!

      Yes, they have to be put down owing to the ramifications of their disease, to protect the others and to stop the progression of the disease to all livestock of the world... however, there are better, more humane ways to do this! Drowning them would have even been more humane than what you have done - at least that's a quick kill!!!

      If you are capable of burying livestock while they are still trying desperately to breathe among their shrieks and screams of "help" (the only way they know how to communicate with each other and us as well) for hours and hours and hours, then you are capable of doing this to human beings too! And you know that's the TRUTH!

      I sincerely hope that people like you, who are capable of dealing unimaginable torture and cruelty to animals like this, will NOT be permitted to the after-life! God help me, I mean it!


      God help them, deliver them from the evils of man, and keep them.


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