Stop Ringling Bros.' Expansion on Coney Island!
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Domenic M. Recchia, Jr.
Co-CEO, Taconic Investment Partners
Charles R. Bendit
Co-CEO, Taconic Investment Partners
Paul E. Pariser

Stop Ringling Bros.' Expansion on Coney Island!

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      People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

New York City officials recently announced that the notorious elephant abusers at Ringling Bros. Circus will be at Coney Island for several months this summer thanks to a land donation from Taconic Investments.

PETA has contacted the city and Taconic to let them know of Ringling's lengthy history of animal abuse, and how animals used in the circus are beaten with bullhooks, whipped, and shocked with electric prods to force them to perform physically painful acts.  But the city and Taconic refuse to sever ties with the animal-abusing company.

Please take just a few seconds now to send a message to New York City officials and Taconic Investments' CEO letting them know that you'll be crossing Coney Island off your destination list as long as it's the home of animal abusers.

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