Stop Raccoon Dogs Being Skinned Alive in China for fake Ugg Boots Suffering Slow, Sickening Horrendous Deaths
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Stop Raccoon Dogs Being Skinned Alive in China for fake Ugg Boots Suffering Slow, Sickening Horrendous Deaths

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      Protection 4 Animals

Thousands of unsuspecting people may be buying imitation Ugg boots made from the pelts of animals skinned alive. The fur comes from Raccoon Dogs, a species related to domestic dogs, farmed in China.
A sickening video of the skins being collected has led activists to demand a ban on the trade and call for clearer labelling.

(One picture shows) Brutal: Workers in China Skinning a Raccoon Dog, but the Raccoon Dog is still ALIVE and Suffering.

The raccoon dog is indigenous to Asia and related to dogs and foxes.

Ugg boots are made from Australian sheepskin and cost up to £200 - but cheap imitations have flooded the market.

But campaigners have found that other companies in Australia, where the popular boots are made, are using raccoon dog fur farmed in China and labelling it ‘Australian sheepskin’.

Campaigners from Humane Society International (HSI) warned that the footwear could have found its way into the UK.

While the law says that no products using dog or cat fur may be imported or sold in the country, there is no ban on fur from raccoon dogs, an Asian species with links to foxes, dogs and jackals. They are not related to raccoons.

(One picture shows) Pitiful: A bloodied and dazed creature is shown still alive but helpless on a pile of corpses.

(One picture shows) Agony: A raccoon dog is beaten to stop it struggling so it can be skinned alive.

Wendy Higgins from Humane Society International HSI UK said:
‘I have been working in animal rights for more than a decade and have never seen a video that has shocked me so much.
‘It is not just the killing of the animals that is horrific, but the fact that they must endure such slow, painful deaths.
‘These animals are not dogs, so there is no legislative reason why boots containing the fur cannot be imported into the UK. There are also many problems with the labelling of fur products, so many consumers will not be aware of where the fur in their boots comes from.’
Websites found by HSI show other companies are selling the fur on gilets, coats and ear-muffs for delivery to the UK.
Ugg Australia denied they were using the fur in their own boots and pointed the finger at cheap copies.

(One picture shows) Cruelty: A raccoon dog is beaten on the head in an attempt to stun it. Another dazed animal lies on the right-hand of the image.

(One picture shows) Force: A Brutal Chinese worker stands on a Raccoon Dog's neck to stop it struggling. The process of skinning the raccoon dogs is agonisingly slow.

Lena McDonald from Ugg Australia said the use of raccoon dog fur by other companies was tarnishing the entire industry as many people were unable to tell the different brands apart.

She said her company used its own tannery to ensure the standards of its boots, but added that up to 40 products using fur from overseas contained the word ‘ugg’.
She said: ‘As far as I can see many of these boots are not made in Australia at all yet they have the words Australia and ugg on them. We have seen companies cutting off tags saying “made in China” and putting on a “made in Australia” tag.’

The UK Government announced its ban on importing cat and dog pelts from China in 2001 after it emerged that a fur collar, obtained from a leading store in the West End, contained dog fur.

A total ban on the trade in dog and cat fur came into force across Europe in December 2008.

Published: 5th October 2011 by Protection 4 Animals using Twitter @P4Animals

Please sign this Petition s we can all work to putting a stop to this Barbaric Act in China to Raccoon Dogs. Please use all social medial to let your friends know of this Petition.

Thank you for for kindness

Mícheál (Mike) Caomhánach
Founder of Protection 4 Animals

You Can Watch the footage here (warning - contains extremely graphic footage
Warning, it contains extremely disturbing images. 


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      I am taking this unusual step because we ONLY have 14,000 plus signature for this very important Petition to find ways to raise the profile & get more signatures.
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      These 4 actions will take a few minutes of your time, please do not ignore this appeal, as simple & mundane as it may seem to you, initially, if everyone follows all 4 steps, it then has an automatic knock on affect.

      While you have been reading this 2 Dogs have been Beaten & Skinned Alive, they are now lying in the most agonising pain, experiencing a Horrendous Death that could last anything up to the next 3 hours.

      Mícheál Caomhánach

    3. Protection4Animals More Signatures Need To Stop Dogs Skinned Alive in China

      14,000 Sign: A Big Thank You To Everyone That Signed The Petition To Stop Raccoon Dogs Being Skinned Alive in China for fake Ugg Boots Suffering Slow, Sickening Horrendous Deaths. We Still Need Many More Signatures To Stop This Most Horrendous Treatment of these poor innocent defenseless dogs who lead the most terrible lives from birth right up to the last hours of their lives. Then only to suffer the unimaginable ordeal in their final hours.

      I am going to ask you all to promote and recruit as many of your friends and family to look at this petition and hopefully will give their own signatures and pass that they pass on the same information to their other family and friends.

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    5. Ricky Gervais Tweets Support

      Just as 2011 came to a close, Ricky Gervais took to Twitter to encourage people to sign the petition. We can't wait to catch him at the 2012 Golden Globes where he's hosting.

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    7. Petition: Stop Raccoon Dogs Being Skinned Alive in China for fake Boots

      I would like to thank each and everyone of you, we have reached over the 5000 signatures. I have come under much criticism for trying to take on China. I am under no illusion there is a mountain to climb and much more to do. I am appealing to everyone of you to encourage all your friends on and extended family and friends who may not be aware of the Petition to sign and comment, in addition request to be friends with me.Please log back in to be friends with me, if you have not already done so, it allows me to contact you individually as I intend to start new Petitions in different countries and I will be looking for local support.

      Let us remind us what this Petition is for to Stop Raccoon Dogs Being SKINNED ALIVE by Brutal Chinese workers, who beat, kick, stomp on their throats to keep them still to make it easier for them to barbarically slowly rip the skin from their bodies,. Read more

      Again my thanks to you all.


      Mícheál Caomhánach

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    9. Stop Raccoon Dogs Being Skinned Alive in China for fake Ugg Boots Suffering

      PLEASE READ: To bring you all up to date on the Petition you all kindly sign we are have over 3,000 signatures., which is good but there is a lot more to do. To encourage other people to sign please add the link below to the Petition on your Facebook, Twitter, Blog etc. Go to the link yourself and add us as a friend it improves our ranking on and more people will see out Petition.
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      Please Become a Supporter of Protection 4 Animals on <a href="http://www.chang

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    11. Petition: Stop Raccoon Dogs Being Skinned Alive in China for fake Boots

      We have now reached over the 1500 signatures, a big thank you too you all. Much done but plenty still to do. I was wondering whether to post the live video footage of the Dogs Being Skinned Alive, would that have a negative or positive effect.

      I would love to get your opinion or on twitter @P4Animals or Facebook or blog
      Please share the links to out blog/twitter/facebook and the link below will take people straight to this Petition. You could also forward on this information bye email to like minded people.

      Let us remind us what this Petition is for to Stop Raccoon Dogs Being Skinned Alive by Brutal Chinese workers, who beat, kick, stomp on their throats to keep them still to make it easier for them to Barbarically Skin Them Alive, Thrown to one side and left to Die a Slow Sickening Death that can last up to 3 hours..

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    13. Signed by 500 To Stop Raccoon Dogs Being Skinned Alive For Fake Ugg Boots

      I would like to thank each and everyone of the 500 people that have signed the petition To Stop Raccoon Dogs Being Skinned Alive in China for fake Ugg Boots. This an extremely important issue that stirs emotions of pure anger to a painfull sickness of helplessness for these poor, innocent, defenseless animals. But that's why were here, i am going to ask you for more help. Can each and everyone of you tell 5 people, friends, family, work colleagues that would sign this Petition, that would bring us up to 3000 signatures. If you want to contact me direct you can email me: a link to the blog detailing the story behind this petition is in the box below. I would welcome recruiters, people that have their own means of promoting this petiton, on a blog or facebook or twitter etc. Once again i thank you all from the bottom of my heart, Thank You xx

    14. Reached 500 signatures
    15. We have reached 250 Signatures in less than a day and a half

      First i would like to begin by thanking all the people that have taken the trouble to sign this important petition to Stop Raccoon Dogs in China from being Skinned Alive for Fake Ugg Boots.
      After Skinning Alive by Brutal Chinese workers, they are thrown to the side, in a pile, left to die, suffering a horrendous death. It is sickening, unbelievable and unthinkable, unless we had the pictures and video's to prove it, that any human being could inflict such barbaric cruelty on a living animal. Please tell all your family, friends and work colleague, every signature counts.

    16. Reached 250 signatures


    Reasons for signing

      • 9 months ago

      Stop with this shit!

    • Kalyn Sterzik YPSILANTI TWSP, MI
      • 9 months ago

      brutality is not well known, or it would not be supported in the retail market

      • 9 months ago

      It should be self explanatory why this is important to me - it should be important to everywhere. This is cruel and barbaric!

    • Marie Kearton BOLTON, UNITED KINGDOM
      • 9 months ago

      It only takes a moment to sign these protests. Theuy DO make a difference. Look at the poor face of that innocent creature, and please add your voice

    • Patricia Azzopardi CARDIFF, UNITED KINGDOM
      • 9 months ago

      Obscene and horrendous cruelty !

      These people need severe punishment for carrying out such unnecessary painful deaths


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