Stop PA From Imposing An Asset Test on Food Stamp Recipients
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Stop PA From Imposing An Asset Test on Food Stamp Recipients

    1. Taylor Leake
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      Taylor Leake

      Philadelphia, PA

Pennsylvania's food stamp program is underutilized (30 percent of those eligible for food stamps don't receive them), efficiently run, and has one of the lowest rates of fraud in the country (a tenth of a percent). With such a model program, you would think that officials would be working to figure out how to expand the program and feed more at risk families. Instead, Pennsylvania's Department of Public Welfare is planning on imposing an asset test on food stamp recipients.

Individuals under 60 with more than $2,000 in saving and over 60 with more than $3,250 in savings would no longer qualify for food stamps. While retirement savings, a house, and a single vehicle wouldn't count in the test, the change would still eliminate 2%, more than 36,000 individuals, from the food stamp program.

The reason the Department of Public Welfare gives for the change is to eliminate fraud, even though there is precious litte in Pennsylvania. Instead, the new test will punish those who are being responsible and saving money, or are on the verge of making it out of poverty. It would also punish senior citizens who are saving for their own funeral arrangements.

This test is as damaging to impoverished families as it is unnecessary. It punishes behavior it should be rewarding, and could throw many on the verge of not needing food stamps back into depending on the program permanently. Tell Pennsylvania's Department of Public Welfare not to impose an asset test for food stamps.

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    • James McDonald NORRISTOWN, PA
      • almost 2 years ago

      This is causing a Huge Backlog in the processing of SNAP Applications and has to be costing the State Millions of Dollars that could be going to far better purposes.

    • Harry Nestorick LANCASTER, PA
      • almost 2 years ago

      Every Human being needs to be able to eat !

    • Gary Dimitris HUGHESVILLE, PA
      • over 2 years ago

      What a terrible burden being placed once again on the back of poor people. The state government reason is really disguised...what is their real reason? Governor Corbett should be ashamed of himself. But again...what can you expect? The people spoke and put a Republican in office....

    • Dulcinea Williams PHILADELPHIA, PA
      • over 2 years ago

      I recently became unemployed and had to apply for unemployment compensation and foodstamps. I have money saved up but my unemployment benefits will not meet my monthly bill payments so I know I will have to use my savings to make ends meet for a while. I also applied for foodstamps and was determined to be eligible for benefits for my children and myself. I was so grateful because the grocery bill is one of the greatest monthly expenses. To have to use my savings for food and to make ends meet would wipe me out completely and there would be nothing left for emergencies or to hold us over if unemployment benefits expire before I find a job. If the asset test is imposed, people like myself who really need a helping hand will not get one, making it harder to get out to the financially hole that lots of people in this struggling economy find themselves in.


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