Stop Long Island Farm Bureau/USDA Stealth Plan To Brutally Slaughter 5,000 East End Deer
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Suffolk County Legislator
Jay Schneiderman
Supervisor-Elect Town of East Hampton
Larry Cantwell
Mayor, Village of East Hampton
Paul Rickenback
Trustees, Town of Southampton
Supervisor, Town of Southold
Scott Russell
Supervisor, Town of Brookhaven
Ed Romaine
NY State Assemblymember
Fred Thiele
Dept of Environmental Conservation, NY
Paul R Stringer
State Director, NY Wildlife Services
Martin S.Lowney
Executive Director, Long Island Farm Bureau
Joe Gergela
Suffolk County Executive Director
Steven Bellone
Trustees, Village of Sagaponack
Trustees (Trustees, Village of Sagaponack)

Stop Long Island Farm Bureau/USDA Stealth Plan To Brutally Slaughter 5,000 East End Deer

    1. Petition by

      The Wildlife Preservation Coalition of Eastern Long Island

As taxpayers, homeowners, visitors, tourists and shoppers; 

As concerned citizens, environmentalists and advocates for wildlife:

We demand that Town/Village Boards of Eastern Long Island:

*Immediately cease and desist from the Long Island Farm Bureau/USDA plan to hire Federal sharp shooters to inhumanely slaughter 5,000 deer in Suffolk County, NY, commencing January/February 2014.
*Immediately institute a humane, sustainable, non-lethal deer management plan based on science, rather than anecdotal, highly charged emotional accounts.

We categorically reject and protest the unethical, "quick-fix", non-science-based plan propagated by the Long Island Farm Bureau and the U.S.D.A. to cruelly slaughter and/or surgically sterilize over 5,000 deer in the five towns of Suffolk County, Long Island, New York, commencing January/February, 2014. Not only does this present an inherent danger to the public, to pets and other wildlife, but it imposes an onerous and unnecessary financial burden on taxpayers.

Deer will be entrapped by bait stations and then shot by sharpshooters under cover of night, from mobile units or tree stands, or captured in drop nets, and then executed at point blank range with a hand-gun. This is grotesque, extraordinarily cruel and utterly unacceptable to civilized people of conscience. The ensuing terror and carnage these animals will suffer is primitive and ethically indefensible. And this, in spite of the overwhelming evidence that immuno-contraception is effective, humane, less expensive and sustainable over the long term.

We demand that this archaic plan be shelved permanently and that intelligent, forward thinking solutions be instituted that protect people, animals and agriculture while adhering to ethical and environmentally sound models.


Jay Schneiderman, Suffolk County Legislator
Larry Cantwell, Supervisor-Elect Town of East Hampton
Paul Rickenback, Mayor, Village of East Hampton
Trustees, Trustees, Town of Southampton
Scott Russell, Supervisor, Town of Southold
Ed Romaine, Supervisor, Town of Brookhaven
Fred Thiele, NY State Assemblymember
Paul R Stringer, Dept of Environmental Conservation, NY
Martin S.Lowney, State Director, NY Wildlife Services
Joe Gergela, Executive Director, Long Island Farm Bureau
Steven Bellone, Suffolk County Executive Director
Trustees (Trustees, Village of Sagaponack), Trustees, Village of Sagaponack
Stop Long Island Farm Bureau/USDA Stealth Plan To Brutally Slaughter 5,000 East End Deer

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    1. Update & Invitation to a Summer Fundraiser in the Hamptons for our Deer

      You're Invited to a Summer Fundraiser in the Hamptons, for our Deer

      Dear Friends,
      We are pleased to share with you good news and to invite you to celebrate our victory for the deer of eastern Long Island. Petitions, media coverage, an impressive turnout to protest the cull and many attorney hours contributed to this success.

      Countless lives were saved, as almost all the towns and villages, eventually dropped plans to use USDA sharpshooters to do a mass culling. The battle continues, however, and they will most certainly be back in the Fall. We will need to be ready for them with our attorneys working to stop them again, as we continue to work on getting Town/Village Boards to sign on to an alternative non-lethal plan.

      We hope you will plan to join us for this very exciting event.
      The Host Committee
      Wildlife Preservation Coalition of Eastern Long Island

      You're Invited to a Summer Fundraiser in the Hamptons For Our Deer

      To purchase tickets to this event, click the "donate" button on our FaceBook page, found here:

      Donations to The Wildlife Preservation Coalition of Eastern Long Island go directly to pay for the legal expenses incurred over the past five months to prevent the slaughter of over 5,000 deer by the USDA Wildlife Services on Eastern Long Island and our ongoing battle to prevent such inhumane, non-scientific wildlife management solutions from ever being proposed here again.

      We are an independent orqanization and need your support to continue our fight for the deer.
      For more info please contact

      A portion of the proceeds is tax deductible. WPCELI is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization.

      The Wildlife Preservation Coalition of Eastern Long Island

      The Wildlife Preservation Coalition of Eastern Long Island, Bridgehampton, New York. 204 likes · 28 talking about this · 1 was here. The Wildlife PCELI...

    2. EH Town Board to increase killing fields for deer. Immediate action needed!

      The East Hampton Town Board will soon vote on the addition of 294 acres for deer bow-hunting on town land. We cannot sit silently by as they continue to invent new schemes and cast votes to increase the killing fields and the numbers of innocent creatures who will be maimed, injured and slaughtered.

      As you know, bow hunting is the cruelest kind of hunting because many deer are only wounded and left to die slow, painful deaths. Despite hunters' anecdotes about the accuracy of their shots, a number of systematic studies suggest that the "wound rate"--those who die lingering deaths-- is between about 15% and 45%. Studies have consistently found the wound rate to be higher for bow hunting than firearm hunting, although both kinds cause the deer pain, terror, and death.

      The addition of bow-hunting in East Hampton is made possible by the new state law that reduced the archer's permissible distance from residences from 500 to 150 feet.

      In addition, the board wants to add 174 acres of firearm hunting of deer at the Culloden estate in Montauk. This is a wooded preserve that is surrounded by homes and can pose great risks and be dangerous to people. Please write to Town Board Town Board members telling them why this kill mentality is unacceptable in the 21st century...just say that you oppose Resolution 2014-712, which will expand bow and firearms hunting on town land (and add any other points you wish). It's not necessary to write a lengthy letter--the number of letters is the important thing. Encourage friends to write.

      Supervisor Larry Cantwell

      Council Members Sylvia Overby, Fred Overton, Kathee Burke-Gonzalez, and Peter Van Scoyoc.

      You also can write any of them by regular post: 159 Pantigo Rd., East Hampton, NY 11937.

      Many thanks for your concern and compassion.

    3. Reached 12,500 signatures
    4. WE CAN'T STOP NOW!!!

      The deer cull has gotten the attention of media, other animal welfare organizations and citizens everywhere! They are all outraged by the proposed killing of thousands of deer by USDA sharpshooters. We have a lawsuit pending, but we must keep the pressure on.
      There will be a big rally protest in East Hampton, on Saturday, January 18, 2014, at 1:00pm starting at the big windmill (across from Citarella). Please come and be counted, as we walk through East Hampton village in protest of this dangerous and inhumane assault on wildlife.
      The deer need YOU, now!

    5. Reached 9,000 signatures


    Reasons for signing

    • Gama Leong AYER ITAM, MALAYSIA
      • about 5 hours ago

      Stop cruelty

    • Helene Harsem OSLO, NORWAY
      • 6 days ago


      'The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.' - Mahatma Gandhi

    • Toni Muir SWEDESBORO,, NJ
      • 6 days ago

      We have a duty to speak for those without a voice

    • Inger Hanscom HAVERHILL, MA
      • 6 days ago

      all wildlife is important to me

    • Jeff Calderone HUNT. STA., NY
      • 8 days ago

      I feel bow hunters are the best long term solution.


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