Stop killing dogs for Macau’s greyhound racing industry
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Stop killing dogs for Macau’s greyhound racing industry

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      GREY2K USA Worldwide

The peninsula of Macau is home to a single dog track called the Canidrome. At the Canidrome, nearly 400 greyhounds are put to death every year. Brooklyn is one of the dogs at risk.

Brooklyn is four-years-old and he is a white, red and fawn greyhound.  On May 5, 2012 Brooklyn fell while racing. Track records document that he was cut and wounded. This was the fourth race in a row in which he has finished in fifth place or worse.  

According to the Macau Daily Times, when a Canidrome dog slows down and finishes outside the top three in five races in a row, she or he is simply destroyed. There is no adoption program at this terrible track!  The head of Macau's animal control department has stated that every greyhound is dead within three years and as many as four hundred greyhounds are killed each year after racing.

Not a single dog leaves the Canidrome alive.

This senseless activity must end. Please read the demand letter from GREY2K USA WorlwideAnimals Asia and Animals Australia and then join us in calling for an end to dog racing in Macau.

Please sign our petition to the Chief Executive of Macau, Dr. Chui Sai On now. Ask him to force the track to release Brooklyn and to close the Canidrome once and for all. 

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    1. Reached 50,000 signatures
    2. Today is Brooklyn's 5th birthday

      Supporters around the world are lighting candle for him and the hundreds of dogs killed every year in Macau. Join us at

      Rescue Brooklyn the Greyhound

      Brooklyn's Status: Brooklyn last raced on May 5, 2012. He fell, was injured, and finished sixth. According to a translation of the track's website, his "hind leg" was "cut wounded on web." Subsequently, an update was posted on May 11 saying that Brooklyn's injury had been "cured."

    3. Reached 40,000 signatures
    4. Missing Poster Campaign Launched

      A Missing poster for Brooklyn is being circulated throughout Macau and around the world. It has also published in the local magazine Pets and Hugs, along with our letter to Dr. Chui Sai On. Help us put the pressure on by going to

    5. Reached 25,000 signatures
    6. On May 5, Brooklyn fell while racing.

      Track records document that he was cut and wounded. This was the fourth race in a row in which he has finished in fifth place or worse.

    7. Reached 15,000 signatures
    8. Brooklyn may be running out of time

      We see that he is not scheduled to race yet, please read our blog and share this petition, we need to do all we can before it is too late.

    9. Brooklyn's Status Update

      Brooklyn last raced at the Canidrome on November 19 and is scheduled to race again on November 24

    10. Reached 10,000 signatures
    11. We need your help to Rescue Brooklyn.

      Macau daily times is covering our mission to save a greyhound a Canidrome from his inevitable death.

    12. Greyhounds Continue to Die at Canidrome

      This morning, the Macau Daily Times reported again on the cruel fate greyhounds face at the Canidrome dog track. This track has no adoption program, and hundreds of greyhounds are killed every year.

    13. Take the pledge

      Visit the petition above to commit to protecting greyhounds.

    14. Reached 7,000 signatures
    15. We are getting their attention!

      Our campaign was reported yesterday by the South China Morning Post. More media attention is now being focused on the Canidrome than ever before, and this weekend an Australian television station also aired a groundbreaking report.

    16. Reached 5,000 signatures


    Reasons for signing

    • Justice Hill MACOMB, MI
      • 2 days ago

      This act is unjustifiable.

    • Vanessa Sofoulis AUSTRALIA
      • 6 days ago


    • Hunter hancock BLANDING, UT
      • 6 days ago

      I think its wrong

    • izetta clark BERKELEY SPRINGS, WV
      • 8 days ago

      if you don't love the dog you should not use the dog. dog racers should be required to give life time commitment to dog to race them.

    • Марина Подивилова Челябинск, RUSSIAN FEDERATION
      • 8 days ago

      Я люблю всё живое!


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