Reconsider the increase.    87% is entirely too high and not fair!
  • Petitioned Stop Illinois tollway 87% fare increase

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Stop Illinois tollway 87% fare increase

Reconsider the increase. 87% is entirely too high and not fair!

    1. Kevin O'Malley
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      Kevin O'Malley

      Tinley Park, IL

Everyday, thousands of people travel the IL tollway paying an already high fare. Now Illinois wants to increase the fair by 87%.  There are too many employed, hard working citizens that rely on the tollway to travel to their jobs on a daily basis.   This will put my roundtrip daily commute at $6.60.  I have the fortunate benefit of expensing the majority of my toll charges. However, what about the thousands of people that do not? 

The CTA encourages and advertises to take public transportation because it is cheaper and greener.  CTA fares will also be increaseing.  With the addition of Metra fares and commuter parking increases, the daily commuter is at a disadvantage. Many commuters take highways and tollways for the benefit of improved fuel economy but now it will be offset by toll fee increases.  Commuters are already dealing with the increases in fuel and now they will face a nearly doubled toll increase.

As the state's budget continues to spiral out of control the everyday working man/woman is the one that has to pick up the bill.  I ask everyone to consider how much you spend weekly, monthly, annually on toll fares.  Then ask yourself if all those tolls are necessary.

A quick example of a roundtrip toll expense: If you get on 355 N at I-80 you will pay $1.90.  Continue on 355 through the Boughton toll in Bolingbrook and pay another $.95.  Continue on 355 and exit at Butterfield Rd and pay $.45. Roundtrip is approximately 45 miles which will cost you $6.60,  $33/week, $132/month, $1,584/year.

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      Kevin O'Malley
      Petition Organizer

      Not a bad representation in a 2 week timeframe. Although this may not change the decision that has already been made. At least more people are better informed of what is going on. Please continue to tell your family and friends.

      We all understand inflation but is 87.5% fair? Think about all the people that travel without IPASS that don't live in the Chicago metro area. Their costs will be double what the IPASS users already pay. So any of your friends and family that travel to IL to visit will be paying a lot more to do so. The toll north of I-80 on 355 will be $1.90 for IPASS users and $3.80 for non-IPASS users. THAT'S 1 TOLL BOOTH!

    3. 104 signatures!

      Kevin O'Malley
      Petition Organizer

      Thank you so much to all who have signed and spread the word to family, friends and co-workers. Please continue to pass this information around.

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    5. Thank you all for your support. Continue to spread the word!

      Kevin O'Malley
      Petition Organizer

      44 signatures in 2 days is pretty cool.

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    • Lisa Zerbe LOCKPORT, IL
      • over 2 years ago

      It's terrible when all you hear about is how the "economy is bad, the economy is bad" & we have government officials stealing our money. Once again.. who does it affect? Our pocket books. We can't afford to go to work & make money because it's costing us too much money to get there. Look at the gas prices, the toll increase. Why is it only Illinois who has tolls? Oh I get it... the government didn't steal enough money so now they warn us first by getting on the tollways. We need more people to sign this petition.... please

      • over 2 years ago

      We can tell them that a lot of us can't afford it, but fact is they DON"T CARE. Time to make our voices heard loud and clear and don't give up. Everyone please pass this petition on to everyone you can. I just moved a distance from work not too long ago but I'm right by the tollway so I figured no big deal I can hop on it and get there in half an hour. Not too bad right? If I knew that one year later they would increase the tolls so much I'd have bought a different house!

    • Ken Raab OSWEGO, IL
      • over 2 years ago

      ILLINOIS Citizens already Pay Highway Taxes. The Interstate Tollway Taxes (Tolls) are Unconstitutional And always have been. Interstate Highways are funded by the Federal Government. OUR State is Double Dipping. We are being Taxed upon Tax Upon Tax. Which is Uncontitutional. STOP ALL TOLLS ON OUR HIGHWAYS. The Citizens Own the Highways, Thru ALL the Taxing, ILLINOIS Citizens shoud have a Voice, whether there are Tolls (Taxes) or Not. At least.. We as Citizens should be able to VOTE on Tolls And /or An Increase. ILLINOIS Citizens are Being SCAMMED into paying More Taxes!

      Thank You..

      Ken Raab

      Oswego, IL. 60543

    • Colleen Rotkis PLAINFIELD, IL
      • over 2 years ago

      Only in IL would they continue to kick people when they are down. It's as if these bureaucrats aren't cognizant of people being out of work or having taken a pay cut to maintain their current job. Under the guise of job creation they ram through this gigantic increase. Why have only 200 people signed this petition. Start forwarding this link to other taxpayers RIGHT NOW. **Oh, If you read some of the news articles pertaining to this tax hike, the IL Tollway based their decision on the whopping 2,000 people who attended their town hall mtgs. or whatever they called them. Did you see any updates about attending any of these mtgs. on those roadway signs that give you occasional traffic updates? NO. That would've alerted the actual people this would affect. Fill the audience w/ tollway workers and people who will benefit from state contracts.

    • Chris Pluchar TINLEY PARK, IL
      • almost 3 years ago

      Nearly doubling the tolls in a time of economic hardship seems a bit excessive, even in Illinois. I'm surprised the state government didn't learn from the mistakes made by Netflix when they doubled the cost of their service.


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