Stop horse and greyhound racing in Australia
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Stop horse and greyhound racing in Australia

    1. Martina Best
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      Martina Best

      Melbourne, Australia

The racing industry is hailed as a glamorous social sports event thanks to great PR and marketing efforts. Fashion, champagne and the chance to win big money is all most people think of when it comes to dog and horse racing but this is far from reality. Behind the scenes, the racing industry is responsible for the death of approx. 20,000 healthy and young horses and dogs in Australia alone! Not profitable racers are simply shot and slaughtered behind the scenes or sent to China for food.
The racing industry is rich and selfish and does not make an effort to rehome any ex racers (don't mention the shamble organisation GAP) and on top of it the government subsidises it! Certainly the racing industry is a profitable one and pumps a lot of money into the Australian economy BUT if the racing industry would get a real job instead, it could contribute as well to the Australian economy. I did not think that Australia was a country which accepts bribes to look the other way but this is exactly what happens. Animal abuse is a criminal offence after all but because the racing industry is so profitable it apparently does not matter. If a private person would do to an animal what the racing industry does to them this person would spend a life time in prison so why make an exception with the racing industry? 

Please read more here and if anyone can look at this and decide that racing is not cruel there is something seriously wrong with you:

Please support this petiton and end racing in Australia for good!

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    2. Racehorses to be sold to China

      Martina Best
      Petition Organizer

      Horse Racing kills and must stop now, especially in China where horse abuse is widely spread. Here are some cases of KNOWN horse abuse but there is plenty of abuse which is unreported:
      • In 2005 at the Beijing racetrack over 600 healthy thoroughbreds were slaughtered in the Chinese capital. This was as a consequence of the official reluctance by the Chinese Communist Party to tolerate gambling.
      • Zoos across China are still putting on cruel exotic animal performances, three months after they were banned by the government. In one show in Guangxi Zhuang this month, crowds cheered as a tiger teetered on the back of a horse, while monkeys, with chains around their necks, rode bicycles around in circles.
      • Horse Fighting is still rife in China where evidence and shocking photos of 2 stallions covered in blood and ferociously biting each other the annual horsefight in Antai, China, where such animal cruelty is considered 'sport'.

    3. More horses dead after the Easter jumps racing season

      Martina Best
      Petition Organizer

      40 starters ran in the jumps, two died, one fell, and all of this for family entertainment. Jumps racing is deadly for horses and their owners squeeze every last drop of life and profit out of the horses before killing them. Over 18,000 horses and 20,000 greyhounds are victim of the racing industry every year in Australia alone!
      The jumps racing season only recently started and only 3 minutes into the season the first horse, Jotilla, dies. Over the Easter weekend 2 horses, Vivacity and Art Success, have both fallen to their death. Not a big deal for most people but even if you don't like horses or animals in general, consider this: 1) Tax money is funding the racing industry while budgets for education, health, etc.. are being cut. 2) Tax money promotes gambling which ruins families and is a serious illness and 3) People who mistreat animals are not nice to people too! They are often violent and criminal. Please get involved and support this cause! it affects us all as a society!

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    5. Racing industry ignores whipping rule- time to ban this barbaric "sport"!

      Martina Best
      Petition Organizer

      The study by Professor McGreevy and the RSPCA revealed the following:

      • Of the 15 races studied there were 28 breaches of the whip rules (the Stewards only reported one).
      • On 13 occasions horses were hit on the head
      • 64% of the time the non-padded portion of the whip was used
      • On 80% of occasions, the whip made clear indentations on the horse’s skin
      • 75% of whip strikes were on the horse’s flank or abdomen, and in some instances the horse’s groin.
      • In half of all strikes, jockeys raised their arm above their shoulder which is prohibited in the rules of racing.

      There was also a good follow-up story on The Project where an overwhelming 77% of people voted for a ban on the whip. You can view the video online where a racing defendant peddled the same lines that we’ve heard before such as the whip is used “to encourage the animal” and that the racing industry “love their horses.”

      I forgot about them loving their horses, perhaps in was lost in translation with the 18,000 or so race

    6. $2.8million granted by the Victorian Government to support greyhound racing

      Martina Best
      Petition Organizer

      A Victorian Coalition Government investment announced today by Minister for Racing Denis Napthine will provide significantly greater incentives to breed and race greyhounds in Victoria.
      Dr Napthine said the new incentives in the Greyhound Owners and Breeders Incentive Scheme (GOBIS) would cement Victoria’s reputation as the number one Greyhound Racing state in Australia, if not the world.
      “The Greyhound Racing and breeding industry is worth $200 million to the Victorian economy and close to 2,000 jobs,” Dr Napthine said.

      “These new measures will stimulate further growth in the industry by offering owners, trainers and breeders who race Victorian-bred greyhounds access to even bigger bonus pools,” Dr Napthine said.

      This is ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE! There are already 20,000 greyhounds bred and killed every year in Australia and we should decrease this number instead of increasing it! What kind of a government actively promotes the killing and suffering of dogs for the sake of gambling?

    7. McGrath Foundation's pink dog dies in Tasmania during fundraising race

      Martina Best
      Petition Organizer

      The racing industry has again formed a partnership with the McGrath Foundation to raise money for breast cancer victims in 2012. Great cause but to exploit greyhounds is just appalling and needs to stop now!
      Whitney's World, a two year old greyhound, died after breaking his hock in Tasmania running for the McGrath foundation on Feb 21. He is one of 1000s of dogs that die as a direct result of racing in Australia.
      While raising funds for cancer is noble, greyhound and horse racing is far from noble and more like an industry defined by greed, gambling, brutal training methods and no animal welfare concerns. Please click on the link below and read about the PR disaster last year of the partnership between the racing industry and McGrath Foundation. It is quite clear that both parties are only in it for the money without any compassion for the dogs and their welfare.
      Please help to stop this nonsense industry now and invest in sustainable and worthwhile industries instead! THANKS

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    9. Racing Integrity gets $4million government boost

      Martina Best
      Petition Organizer

      Another blow for the anti racing organisations as more money has been granted to support the racing industry. The money is intended to " fund drug research programs and give the racing Community the confidence to invest and participate in an industry that has a strong commitment to integrity [...] while also protecting the health and welfare of all greyhounds, horses and riders.”
      Testing for drugs in racing animals does not improve the health and welfare of these animals as they will simply be killed if a trainer/owner gets caught.
      The $4 million and any other government boosts need to be used to rehabilitate and re-home horses and dogs instead.
      The racing industry in Victoria alone generates $2billion annually already- how does this industry need more money? This is our tax money after all...

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    Reasons for signing

      • almost 2 years ago

      They are lovely Animals

      • almost 2 years ago

      Stop horse and greyhound racing in Australia

    • Joanne Anand PERTH, WA
      • almost 2 years ago

      Horses should be respected and worshipped for just how they've carried us through the ages. They are not money making machines and exist for their own reasons!

    • isabel Sleiman SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA
      • almost 2 years ago

      Greyhounds are the most lovely animals in the world and make the greatest pets; they should be saved

    • cheryl bush BRIXHAM, UNITED KINGDOM
      • almost 2 years ago



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