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Stop Hartz use of Pyrethrine's and Pyrethroid's in Flea & Tick products.

    1. Denise Diesel
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      Denise Diesel

      Grand Rapids, United States

Millions of animals a year are lost to these products in Hartz and other Flea and Tick over the counter remedies.
The EPA has done some work to ensure proper labeling of these products and yet not enough.

We need them to force the companies to include until they pesticides are removed from these products, warning that it can cause not only seizures and permanent damage to the liver, kidney and nervous systems but also can cause death because of the damage caused because of the mention conditions.

We are urging the EPA to remove these products containing Pyrethrine's and Pyrethroid's immediately and that they continue the fight for the lives of all animals by tightening the regulations of usage of pesticides on our fur babies.

One life lost is one too many.

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    • Ashley Elslager COLUMBIA, PA
      • about 2 years ago

      I have a cat I used this on today, and I only found out about the problems of the product afterward. I washed him in Dawn and am keeping a very close eye on him. I shouldn't have to do this over a selfish company!

    • Ashlee Wood KINGSTON, CANADA
      • about 2 years ago

      i find it absolutely disgusting that a company as big as yourselves would even hide or shelter the fact that your products are killing animals off like no tomorrow.

      it's also disgusting that you would continue to push a product that is causing so much emotional AND financial stress to families and pet owners across the WORLD.

      your products are meant to CURE animals of their problems, NOT CREATE MORE. you're not only taking away the problem, you're taking away their life.

    • adam lewis HEMPSTEAD, TX
      • about 2 years ago

      i used hartz on my kitten and now he has siezures. after the siezure he will be catatonic for 8-12 hrs. he will vibrate and shake for days wont eat, high fever and severe lack of motor control.

    • Pamel Clarke CLERMONT, FL
      • about 2 years ago

      My animals are family. I would not like to see either hurt and this product would hurt all.

    • Heidi Heath COLORADO SPRINGS, CO
      • about 2 years ago

      Our STRONG cat has been in the vet hospital for two days and nights now. They are trying to get his seizures to stop. Today they put him in an induced coma to try to get his body to relax and 'reset' it back to normal. 12 hours later: still twitching while in a coma. Our wonderful vet took him home with her to keep monitoring his heart and breathing throughout the night. If this doesn't work there is nothing more they can do... I will be visiting ALL our local pet, grocery, and discount stores that sell ANY Hartz products, armed with stories from this site as well as HartzVictims.org. I will be asking them to remove ALL Hartz products on behalf of unsuspecting animal owners. PLEASE do the same if you can!!


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