Stop Harsh Cuts to Life-Saving Programs in Developing Nations
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Stop Harsh Cuts to Life-Saving Programs in Developing Nations

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April 2011


Even though less than 1% of the US budget is devoted to programs that help fight extreme poverty in developing countries, these poverty-fighting priorities were to cut in the House of Representatives budget for 2011. But thanks to pressure from 150,000 petitioners, of whom more than 13,000 were members, these programs were spared.

“The threat of Congress severely cutting these programs was very real,” Said Sheila Nix, US Executive Director of ONE in an email to ONE members. “In fact, the budget that's currently on its way to the President's desk for his signature makes some of the most significant cuts to the federal government in American history. But we campaigned hard to make sure Congress prioritized programs that save lives, and now programs that fight HIV/AIDS, malaria, and hunger will maintain full funding.”

Even though less than 1% of the US budget is devoted to programs that help fight extreme poverty in developing countries, these poverty-fighting priorities were sharply cut by the House of Representatives.

That's right, just 1% of the federal budget goes to life-saving programs in the developing world. Yet poll after poll shows that most Americans think this percentage is much higher.

Right now the Senate is seriously weighing significant cuts to these programs that make up such a small percent of our federal budget.

We’ve got to tell the Senate to preserve this funding. Cuts to these programs will have a real, immediate, and devastating impact on millions of the world’s poor.

Take action and contact your senators right now and let them know the cuts they're considering will not solve America's fiscal crisis, and they will cost lives.

U.S. Senate
Please do not cut cost-effective, proven programs that fight HIV/AIDS, hunger and preventable disease in this year's budget. These programs—which make up less than 1% of the budget—save millions of lives, strengthen our national security, and help lift people out of poverty for the long-term.


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      • over 3 years ago

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    • Fran Fulwiler PORTLAND, OR
      • over 3 years ago

      This cut to foreign aid funds to alleviate poverty is unconscionable! The US needs for individuals and corporations to pay their fair share of taxes. Although I am not rich, I would be willing to pay more taxes to fund better social services in the US and around the world. But of course I realize that the Republicans plan is for 98% of us to subsidize only wealthy individuals and corporations.

    • Bruce Combs WILLIAMSBURG, VA
      • over 3 years ago

      Dear Friends!

      I just signed the petition "Stop Harsh Cuts to Life-Saving Programs in Developing Nations." Please take even a quick look at some of the numbers compared and contrasted here (in case you need to!) and consider the outrageousness already confronting most of these people EVEN BEFORE these new cuts approved by the REPUBLICAN POLITICIANS in the House of Representatives. Even further, notice how the promotional presentation of them easily is misleading.

      If you are not inclined toward signing this petition, I hope that you will take another look, and have a second or third thought about the effects of this Republican approved Bill.

      You can read more and sign the petition here:

      Thanks: as much joy as if all the animals in circuses were returned, through graded preparation, to their appropriate habitats!

      Peace, etc!


    • Andrew Heugel BREWSTER, NY
      • over 3 years ago

      Most of the U.S. budget is devoted to making weapons and waging war and helping the billionaires become multi billionaires. To the super rich who run countries like the U.S. through their puppets in government, we the peons are just statistics and serfs and expendable like the factory farm animals that they want us to gorge ourselves on in order that we become incapable of action...


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