Stop Gov. Tom Corbett from raising our taxes in the state budget!
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Stop Gov. Tom Corbett from raising our taxes in the state budget!

    1. Publius Pennsylvania
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      Publius Pennsylvania

      Harrisburg, PA

The PA State House is poised to vote on HB 1485, which contains dramatic cuts to vital programs, particularly education funding. If this budget bill passes, school districts across Pennsylvania will have no choice but to raise your property taxes. Meanwhile, there is a $1 billion surplus which could offset these cuts, but Gov. Corbett and the Republicans who control the House of Representatives refuse to give your own money back to you.

By signing this petition, you will be letting all of them know exactly what you think of these tactics, and how you will respond when they come knocking on your door for re-election next year if they pass. Here's what you're telling them:


With a projected $1 billion surplus, there is no reason whatsoever for you to balance the state budget on the backs of regular taxpayers like me.

If you vote for this budget, I do not want to hear your fancy politican spin about it. Here are ten things I will know about you based on your vote on HB 1485:

1. You raised my property taxes by passing the buck on education spending, while leaving $1 billion of taxpayer money on the table

2. You do not want our children to have adequate class sizes, good teachers, sports programs or extracurricular activities

3. You slashed funding for higher education which will drive young people like my children and grandchildren out of Pennsylvania

4. You took away much-needed funding from senior citizens and the disabled through DPW cuts, and have yet to identify how you will get rid of the "fraud, waste and abuse" you talk about so much

5. You deprived 41,000 working people affordable healthcare by eliminating AdultBasic

6. You eliminated funidng for our communities to create a "Liberty Loan Fund", which is just a WAM slush fund for Gov. Tom Corbett

7. You believe big corporations like WalMart shouldn't have to pay the same taxes as real small business owners do, which is why you didn't close the Delaware Loophole

8. You chose to cut funding to state parks and gamelands while allowing natural gas companies who pay no taxes to drill there

9. You care more about your government pals than regular people, giving Lt. Gov. Jim Cawley a 75% budget increase for his taxpayer-funded mansion with its fancy swimming pool while people like me foot the bill

10. You care more about criminals getting cable TV than you do about the water I drink by slashing the DEP budget while increasing funding for the Dept. of Corrections

If you vote to make these horrible cuts that impact my life while preserving corporate welfare and leaving a $1 billion surplus on the table, do not even think about coming back and asking for my vote next year. Not only will I work to make sure everyone knows the truth about what you voted to do, but I will make sure to tell my family, friends and co-workers as well.

You have a choice. You can either stand up for the people of Pennsylvania or you can define yourself forever as Tom Corbett's puppet. Please make the right choice and vote NO on HB 1485.

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      • over 3 years ago

      Mario Scavello responded to me and said:

      "What Kool-Aid are you drinking in California????!!!!!!

      Mario M. Scavello

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      31 Pocono Blvd

      Mount Pocono, PA 18344

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