Stop Glenn Beck's Dangerous Attacks on Frances Fox Piven
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Stop Glenn Beck's Dangerous Attacks on Frances Fox Piven

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"Somebody tell Frances I have 5,000 rounds ready and I will give my life to take our freedom back"

" shot, one kill. The people have to stand up for what's right. A few well placed marksman with high powered rifles... then there would not be any more violence." 

"we should blow up Piven's office and home"

The statements above are just a few of the many comments and threats posted on Glenn Beck's website in the last few weeks in response to Beck's repeated attacks on Frances Fox Piven -- a distinguished professor of Political Science and Sociology at the Graduate Center of City University of New York and former president of the American Sociological Association.

Piven -- who is 78 -- is known for her advocacy work fighting for the rights of the poor and for encouraging voter registration in poor communities.

But numerous times over the past year, Beck has falsely accused her of advocating for violence, called her an "enemy of the constitution"2 and has compared her to the heavily armed Hutaree militia broken up by the FBI for threats to violently overthrow the government.3

The result -- threats on Piven's life -- is exactly what we know to expect from Beck's irresponsible, personal attacks. The only thing we do not know is whether the threats will turn into assassination.

Beck's campaign of repeated falsehoods has clearly put Piven's life in real, physical danger. Beck has once again crossed a line of deceit and common decency. Regardless of one's views about the legality of the situation, this is a moral challenge that can only be dealt with by Beck's employers.

Beck takes some of the threatening comments posted on his website seriously enough to delete them.4Now FOX President Roger Ailes must take them seriously as well, and act responsibly to stop Beck's reckless endangering of Frances Fox Piven.

Tell FOX News President Roger Ailes: Stop Beck's dangerous attacks on Frances Fox Piven.

Roger Ailes, FOX News President
Glenn Beck's repeated false attacks on Professor Frances Fox Piven have evoked emotional and violent responses, and clearly put her in real physical danger. No media outlet should tolerate false accusations that invite violent consequences. As Glenn Beck's boss and President of Fox news, it is your responsibility to stop the reckless endangering of Frances Fox Piven.

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    2. "At last now we have a megaphone." Frances Piven states that, while worried about the threats, she sees the sudden media attention she's received because of Beck as a chance to stand up for her politics.

    3. Glenn Beck Won't Stop Death Threats Against 78-Year-Old Woman

      Seventy-eight-year-old Frances Piven, a City University of New York professor, has been receiving death threats. It all started when Glenn Beck decided to target her on his Fox News program for a paper she wrote in 1966, calling Piven an "enemy of...


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    • Robert Bedenbaugh CASTLETON-ON-HUDSON, NY
      • over 3 years ago

      Ahh, if only someone would do this to the creature (calling him human is an insult to humanity) known as Glenn Beck. I wonder how he would like it.

    • hdyofhu hdyofhu OCIRAOMN, PR
      • over 3 years ago

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    • Alex P SCRANTON, PA
      • over 3 years ago

      Screw Glenn Beck

    • Patrick O'Keeffe PULLMAN, WA
      • over 3 years ago

      I find it reprehensible that Glenn Beck continues to spout such hateful, violence-laced rhetoric without so much as a flinch from his supporting network. Your lack of action to reign in Mr. Beck only continues to degrade the reputation of the Fox News channel.

    • Robert Kuhn OAKLAND, CA
      • over 3 years ago

      These kinds of attacks will lead to something awful and Mr. Beck will pretend his vitriol has nothing to do with it. He is totally irresponsible, and his statements should be investigated as murder threats.


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