STOP Genocide of stray dogs in ROMANIA.
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National Sanitary Veterinary and Food Safety Authority
Parliament of Romania – Chamber of Deputies

STOP Genocide of stray dogs in ROMANIA.

    1. Christina Jones
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      Christina Jones

      Wichita, KS

The final decision about that massacre will be on April, 12th and some German and European animal protection organizations will try everything to save the dogs!


A law was proposed by the prefect of Bucharest Mihai Cristian Atanasoaei to kill all stray dogs and those who stay longer than seven days in public shelters without being adopted. By this law they also want to prohibit feeding abandoned animals on public domain and to make more strict rules for adopting an animal. So in our dear country (who is claiming to be an european contry) 90% from the stray dogs live between people in the residential districts so…. there are people who loves dogs and give them food . I know dogs in my neighborhood  so old…they had spent their all life infront of some block of flats and they hadn’t bitten anyone…..and they don’t let us to give them food anymore?
They are complainig that many people have been bitten…a dog never bites without reason…..and our children can’t play in park because nobody cleans after all this dogs……i really don’t want to ask them how they spent the money from the taxes that i’ve been paying them for a long time!!!!….this is politics…

The idea is that we could use some help…because they had already killed thousands of stray dogs a few years ago…and this will happen in the future too if nobody does something.
I am just a person who loves dogs i don’t have the power to stop them but i am thinking that maybe sameone who can will read this or will see news at tv and that person will do something.
The dogs don’t have any fault…make the one who has pay for that.


There has been a harsh campaign against stray dogs by the media. Since some members of the Bucharest ASL issued statements advocating the reinstatement of the law that permitted the killing of strays, the newspapers and the TV have been incessantly showing images of packs of strays and those people bitten throughout the country. In reality, the law has formally prohibited the killing of strays since 2007, but the municipalities have skirted the problem by leaving the dogs, in thousands of public facilities spread throughout the country, to simply die of hunger and disease. The law has only prevented large scale killings, such as

those seen before 2007, when strays were killed en masse even in the streets, thanks to the absence of an animal protection law. Since no

sterilization plan has been made, the number of dogs has increased exponentially in the meantime and now the public is asking that drastic measures be taken.

The climate of recent weeks brings us back to 2001 when the then mayor of Bucharest, Basescu, launched the campaign that led to the extermination of at least 100,000 stray dogs in the capital alone. STD is extremely worried and fears that the municipalities where it operates will exploit the atmosphere of hysteria and intolerance crafted by the media to undermine our sterilization programs.

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    2. Christina Jones
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      The final decision about that massacre will be on April, 12th and some German and European animal protection organizations will try everything to save the dogs!


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    • Kirsi Lundström SKELLEFTEA, SWEDEN
      • over 3 years ago

      Stop this madness

    • olga panagiotopoulou MYKONOS, GREECE
      • over 3 years ago

      lets all help petitions against animal abuse and fight for animal rights ! please also read & sign our petitions :

      also in Greek :


    • Laurie Elam MESA, AZ
      • over 3 years ago

      STOP the killing of innocent animals. STOP the MASSACRE!! Step up! Do the Right Thing! Make a Humane choice, a choice of kindness and compassion for other living beings who share this planet with us. Be kind to others, STOP the killings and starving and abuse of animals!

    • Sabine Vetten KREFELD, GERMANY
      • over 3 years ago

      In Germany we have laws for animals... they were made to protect the HUMAN!!!

      Do you want to know why??? Because Human feel disgusting by seeing an animal in agony and pain!!! So this should be the same reason for all animal laws all over the world!

      Think about it...!

      • over 3 years ago

      Stop this Masscre, NO MEMEBRSHIP FOR EU FOR ROMANIA; BOYKOTT to all products produced in Rominia, until these poor stray dogs are rescued. We will not give up! Take responsiblility for your dogs and sterilizes them! 25€/killed dog is the end of moral!


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