Stop future dog attacks!
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Stop future dog attacks!

    1. falicia  pelkey
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      falicia pelkey

      Grand Rapids, MI

I got a new puppy and I was on my way home with him his name is Tripp, he pooped in the car so I stopped at speedway to clean it out and this dog approached my car, scared I asked the owner of the dog, Is your dog ok I have a puppy in here? and he said yes hes fine! the dog started to growl, I told the man, your dog is growling can you get him away? He said no no he is fine! I said please get your dog away he is growling! He said no no he is fine! The dog then attacked my puppy ripping him from the car down to the ground i got in to get my puppy and got bit by this viscous dog! The owner took off not asking if me or my puppy was ok! I called Kent county animal control and made a report! They said that they would look for the dog, they never did! So my dad took it into his hands and told me lets go get him! We went to the gas station and drove in the direction of where the man was walking with his dog and stopped and asked someone that was doing yard work if he has seen this man and his dog, immediatly the man says oh yes I know where he lives he brought us to his house and on the way asked what had happened so I told him and he said that this is not the first time that this has happened. I called animal control and gave him the mans address the animal cops looked him up and said yes this is not the first time that this has happened the dog attacked someone riding a bike down the road and also attacked another dog! The officer said that he gave him a fine but he is not going to take it any further! I am afraid that if something doesnt happen soon this is going to happen to another person. or even worse a child! This is not a small dog this is a big beefy dog and scary. The owner obviously does not know how to control his dog and the dog is known to be viscous and is not safe to be around other people. By signing this petition you are going to help me save someone else from being attacked by this mean dog! Please help.

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    • june bullied TORONTO, CANADA
      • over 2 years ago

      don't blame the animal. it's the owner that needs to be sued and have his dog taken from him.

      • over 2 years ago

      After having my mouth bit off by a rotweiler when i was 10, and years of surgery and rehabilitaion, dogs that repeatedly attack and scare people need removed from this planet. before innocent children are attacked again.


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