Stop foreclosure!
  • Petitioned American people do not buy houses in foreclosure. Not in Court Sales.

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American people do not buy houses in foreclosure. Not in Court Sales.

Stop foreclosure!

    1. Gloria Gomez
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      Gloria Gomez

      Doral, FL

If we are claiming for a better world we must show solidarity with people. The economical crisis was created for the banks and ambitious people. You can buy a good house right now for a good price, better than ever but everybody must know that their are gaining over the suffering of millions of American Families. Foreign people are buying the cheap American families houses. We are selling our American dream. If nobody buy this houses, Banks really has to work with people for loan modification as a unique solution. Banks are keeping a big inventory of houses out of the market, with no families inside, because they must keep prices. A lot of houses are alone, deteriorating while people could keep it. Community associations are working for taking out families that having a debt with them. Community Associations rises maintenance as they want to increasing the families troubles. I also request that we must eliminate the Community Associations power for bringing to us the control about our lives and our homes.

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    2. Foreclosure Crisis Is Far From Over, Report Finds

      Gloria Gomez
      Petition Organizer

      This news shows how our country is to far away of the solution. But the solution is living inside of the property. Our families wants to pay. A lot of programs are working but We are still waiting for one. As a family, If we want to buy our house today at the market value price with our income, any bank give us a loan. What are they waiting for? Who is gaining over this situation? Somebody is really making money. Is this a economical strategic crisis? But let me tell to the banks how my 11 years old son Esteban find a good way for stay around his school and his friends: " Mami at the news I learn how to find a new home........We can buy a house in FORECLOSURE" I need ideas that help me how to explain to him what's going on.

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