Stop Facebook from Switching to Dirty Coal
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Stop Facebook from Switching to Dirty Coal

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Facebook has just announced that it is building its own gigantic data center in Oregon. For the first time Facebook will have its own facility but unlike Google or Microsoft, which both built data centers in the same area running off hydroelectric power, Facebook’s facility will be powered by dirty coal.

Data centers use huge amounts of electricity and the new Facebook center will get its power from a coal-fired power plant in Idaho.

Coal is the single biggest cause of global warming and by far the dirtiest and most polluting way to generate electricity. Facebook should be choosing renewable or at least less destructive sources for its huge energy needs.

Sign this petition and send Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg an email directly asking him to keep Facebook off coal.

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    • xavier bonacorsi QUEBEC, CANADA
      • over 3 years ago

      C'mon Mr Z... you can do WHATEVER you want !

      why not the wind and the sun ? lead the way !

      show other CEO's what they shoud be doing !

    • Elaine Chiosso PITTSBORO, NC
      • over 3 years ago

      I love't use co Facebook - I hate what coal as an energy source is doing to our Appalachian mountains, and to heating up our globe. Be the change the world needs - go solar, go wind but don't use coal -- or nuclear.


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