Stop Exploiting Transgender Women!
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Stop Exploiting Transgender Women!

    1. Kayden H.
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      Kayden H.

      Miami Beach, FL

For many years, producers of The Jerry Springer Show & The Maury Povich Show have shamelessly exploited Transgender women on national and international television. We demand they halt all production and re-airing of episodes that include content related to the exploitation of Transgender Individuals.

The Jerry Springer Show often features transwomen who are then ridiculed, called 'he/shes' (among other derogatory terms), and verbally and physically assaulted by other guests and audience members. Transwomen are told by stage security that they are not allowed to defend themselves against the vicious physical attacks of cis-gendered women because unlike the cis-gendered women, they are still 'men'. In many episodes, producers deliberately paint the picture of a man who is 'tricked' by a TGirl into having sexual relations with her, and turn him gay. They all end with a grand reveal in which the TGirl admits she was born with male genitalia. These (often scripted) story lines invite the misconception in society that transwomen should be feared because they are some sort of sexual predators. This content also erroneously labels men who are attracted to (or have sexual relations with) transwomen as 'gay'. 

The Maury Povich Show continues to re-air episodes with titles such as "Man Or Woman?" in which cis-gendered and transgendered women are brought in front of a live audience who calls out "That's a man!" or "That's a woman!" judging by her physical or vocal features. After the audience has decided what type of women these guests are, the guests then reveal their gender with signs that read "I'm a woman" or "I'm a man". These episodes promote stereotypes about Transwomen's appearances and true gender. They also contribute to society's invalid belief that gender is defined by a person's masculine or feminine features. 

Make no mistake, transwomen ARE women. We will not continue to suffer in silence while mainstream media uses our vey existence for their amusement, spreading a culture of fear, hate and violence against us at the very same time. We ask our friends, our families and every other member of the LGBT Community to join us as we stand united during the LGBT Civil Rights Movement at large. 


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    • Becka Traite WALTHAM, MA
      • 8 months ago

      Many of my friends and a few family members identify as Trans*.

      Also, this wouldn't be an issue if they were exploiting cis-gendered people, a specific race, or people with disabilities. It wouldn't even happen. But because LBG and Trans* people still don't have many of the same rights as cis-gendered people (which in itself is very wrong), television shows feel they can exploit them and paint them in the worst light. Hitler did that with the Jews. Jim Crow laws helped to do that to African Americans.

      Stop perpetuating discrimination and stop exploiting the Trans* community.

    • Arsen Dalavaccio BELLINGHAM, WA
      • 9 months ago

      It is far past time for shows like this to stop being produced and aired.

    • Sam Hotard CHALMETTE, LA
      • 9 months ago

      This is objectification of transgender women and the shows in question are encouraging the continuation of trans* discrimination. This needs to stop.

    • jesse fraire CHULA VISTA, CA
      • 11 months ago

      im a MTF Transgender Lesbian stop exploiting people!!!!!!!!!!

    • Nicole Smith GURNEE, IL, IL
      • 11 months ago

      i watch springer and when transgender females are exploited and mocked it makes me want to fight and show the show were normal people


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