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Stop Excluding Women from the X Games

    1. Asia al-Massari
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      Asia al-Massari

      Fleming Island, FL

X Games 17 is just around the corner. Invited athletes have been announced, street courses have been revealed, and a whopping sixteen events will take place over the course of four days in Downtown LA. Out of all of these events, there is only one women's event with a total of eight participating athletes.

There are no women's BMX events, there are no women's Rally events. Women's park and vert skating were completely removed from the program, denying female athletes the opportunity to compete amongst their peers in one of the biggest contests in their sport. What will happen next year? Will women have any events at all? Why are we being pushed aside in spite of the growing numbers of women in action sports?

We need to tell X Games and ESPN that this absolutely unacceptable. Women deserve to compete in all events offered by X Games that men compete in.

X Games is all too willing to expand their brand to different locations across the globe, but this just gives them more opportunities to deny women athletes the chance to compete.



ETA: It has been brought to my attention that there will be women's street skating, and women's enduro. This doesnt' distract from the petition's purpose, though.

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