Stop euthanasia of strays in Romania
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Romania, Romania's government

Stop euthanasia of strays in Romania

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      Animals Voice

In the last week all I see is how to kill the stray dogs, not only on TV, even on street. I saw some strays dead and I think is time to take action and speak for our voiceless friends.

People all over ther world please sign this petition and say NO to euthanasia.

Germany, Finland and Netherlands already anounce their support, it's your time to speak out loud!

Romania, Romania, Romania's government
Stop euthanasia of strays in Romania and choose a better and human way to reduce the number of stray dogs, like neutering and adoption campaigns.

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    1. How to accommodate a rescue dog with his new family

      This is the first issue from a big collection of Dog Behavior problems. On this collection you will find simple tricks of how to introduce a new dog to your family up to how to identify and solve any aggressive behavior. Just 5 EUR! Share it and get yours now!

      More at:

      Dog Behavior - Accommodating the dog with the new family

      This article is for fosters and adopters and it will teach you what to do to make sure you found the best family for your dogs and also what to do when you bring home a new dog.

    2. Mass killing law suspended!

      On 20 June 2014 the mass killing law was temporary suspended. This mean the catch and kill activity is illegal now, but some public shelters refuse to stop the killing of stray dogs.
      CASE: We need your help to rescue our old boy (16 years old). We discovered a 12,43 cm liver tumor and ehrlichia. Now he don't eat, he just drink a little water and walk a bit.

      Aschiuta need your help to survive and to have a happy and healthy old age.

      He need you now!

      Please support Aschiuta at:


      This option will help you to don't forget to help our cases every month. If the amounts bellow represent the amount you want to give monthly choose one option, if not please go above and donate your...

    3. Dog with cancer: emergency help needed!

      Please help Fetita (13-14 years old) to have a chance to live. The surgery may be risky but if we don't do anything she will die slowly and painfully.
      Even she is old, she deserve a happy and HEALTHY life.
      Let's get together and help her!


      [PHOTO with more informations at the link below]

      Thank you!


      Because all these money don't arrive at the poor stray dogs, they need your help.

      Animals Voice want to be a permanent donor of food for the stray dogs in the shelter, which of course can't be done without you. Also in this way, by visiting the shelter more often, we can see what dog is sick and treat him and also promote for adoption the strays from the shelter until their deadline (14 days).

      Hundreds of stray dogs waits for your help to give them a chance to life!

      We made it on April 4th when we donated 200 kg of food (wet + dry) let's make it again now!

      Donate to save a life and write a page of history!

      Thank you!

      - See more at:

    5. 5 euro=1 bag of food => 1 life saved

      We decided to celebrate April 4th World Stray Animals Day by feeding all the stray dogs from the local shelter.

      Join our campaign and help the poor dogs from the public shelter receive a beautiful gift on their day!

      They need your help to survive!
      They need food!

      - See more at:

      Animals Voice Romania

      This site is made for helping stray animals from donation. Here you will find all the good work with stray animals find close to death, fatal diseases, injurys caused by "humans" and other hard situations. DONATE NOW! INDIFFERENCE KILLS!

    6. Reached 50,000 signatures
    7. 41 days remain until the mass killing will start in Constanta, Romania!

      The mayor of Constanta said that on 1.01.2014 will apply the law that allow the public shelter to kill the stray dogs if they are not adopted in 14 days, also on this day the dog catchers will start catch the stray dogs without being called by citizens (as they usually do).
      We have just 41 days to build a shelter or pay fosters to keep our stray dogs and save them from a sure and painful death.
      Our stray dogs need your help now more than ever!
      Help them survive by donating.
      See more at:

    8. Extreme Emergency!!!

      It's official, the mayor of Constanta said he will start apply the law (mass killing) from 1.01.2014. So we have just 2 months to make the shelter and save those poor dogs. Help them fast! SHARE FAR THIS MESSAGE!

      donations at:

    9. Reached 30,000 signatures

      Now more than never we have to make a shelter. The law of mass killing was approved! Donate at to help us make that shelter fast to save our best friends! THEY NEED YOUR HELP!


      In the next days we will neuter 3 big size stray dogs. Please help us if you can. At this moment to born on street means a sure death for the puppies.

      Donations at:

    12. Reached 20,000 signatures
    13. Good news...I hope

      Fast help needed!

      During this nightmare, Animals Voice take a big decision: make our own shelter for strays. The costs are huge but this is a chance for the strays to be alive.

      We wanted to do this in 2012 but because of no donations we have to abandon our dream, but now we have to make it not as a dream, we have to make it as a necessity for keep the stray dogs alive.

      The law that allow all the stray dogs to be euthanized after 14 days if they are not adopted in a house it was approved today (10.09.2013). It's an emergency to make this shelter come true.

      Help us with donations at:

    14. Reached 2,000 signatures
    15. Another bad news

      Authorities want tomorrow to short the time for adoption from 14 days to just 7 days. Impossible for a dog to be adopted, especially that no one promote the adoption.

    16. Bad news!

      The law for killing was accepted, this mean that all the stray dogs who will not be adopted in 14 days, they will be killed.
      This law will be attacked in court to be delete. This law is the same with the law from 2012 which was unconstitutional and against animals right and was deleted.

    17. Reached 1,000 signatures


    Reasons for signing

    • Damiano Benetazzo SAN BORTOLO, ITALY
      • 22 days ago

      sono animalista! e non voglio vengano uccisi altri animali per nulla

      • 22 days ago

      I hate animalcruelty, I think that any animal has the right for a good life!

    • Branko Kramjc WINNIPEG, CANADA
      • 22 days ago

      Stop killing the Animals

    • Netusa Bucha LUMLUKKA, THAILAND
      • 22 days ago

      Speak for the animals!

    • valentina serra LA MADDALENA, ITALY
      • 22 days ago

      Sono indignata da tanto orrore


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