Stop DSS Corruption
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Stop DSS Corruption

    1. Bert Radford
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      Bert Radford

      Garner, NC

On November 19th, 1997, Bill Clinton signed into law the Adoption and Safe Families Act which changed the way some DSS departments will forever look at family placements. Under this legislation, DSS is now compensated for terminating parents rights and completing adoptions. Under this legislation, the Federal Government rewards local DSS agencies between $7,200 and $12,000 per child for each safe adoption. DSS does not receive any financial benefits when loving family members step up to raise their own blood relatives. County DSS agencies are encouraged to move children through the system as fast as possible and given financial benefits based on the amount of parents rights who are terminated per month.

These financial benefits have created what some senators have called a "legalized kidnapping" system. Senator Nancy Schaefer researched over 900 cases during a four year period and was horrified with "kidnapping" that was being encouraged. She was pushing for DSS reform and authored a report called "The Corrupt Business of Child Protective Services" before her suspicious murder in March of 2010.

Under current North Carolina DSS policy, each county is individually empowered without direct supervision from the state DSS office. This reporting system has fostered an environment where counties feel comfortable with their ability to strong arm good families for their benefit.

Please sign this petition to encourage amended legislation to level the playing field so that DSS is rewarded equal dollars for family placements as outside adoptions. By signing this petition, we are demanding our US Senators and the US House of Representatives to further investigate the actions of DSS and continue the reform started by Senator Nancy Schaefer. We are also telling our North Carolina Senators and Representatives to create a state office that oversees questionable county DSS placements and has the power to change them.

By signing this petition, we are also saying that we know of a NC case involving outside placement involving Rachel Norris and Bert Radford and are encouraging the state office to drive a post termination review that would allow the child to be placed with his family and siblings and to prevent adoption by a foster family that is employed in the same building as the county DSS office. Rachel Norris and Bert Radford can provide a loving home like no other where he can be raised with his three siblings.


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      • 14 days ago

      because dss has two family members and refusing all family members to these children

    • james kennedy WORCESTER, MA
      • 3 months ago

      DSS has hurt people i love.

    • Toni Kerr-McCoy INEZ, KY
      • 3 months ago

      I feel there needs to be more regulations for DSS workers.

    • lucy depew AUBURN, IN
      • 3 months ago

      CPS in Omaha, Ne & Ft Wayne Indiana FAILED TO PROTECT our only grand baby Haunnah at 7 months old from her molester Darrin Schneckloth while in his care, then AGAIN approx 6 months later due to all the so called authorities who "CLAIM" they protect children....NO ONE STEP UP TO KEEP HER FROM HER MOLESTER IN BOTH STATES.... THE SYSTEM TOTALLY SUCKS AND SHE WILL BE TOLD THE TRUTH WHEN SHE RETURNS BACK TO US GRANDPARENTS... I SAY F____ ALL YOU POLITICIANS, LAWYERS, CPS ASSHOLES WHO HAVE DONE NOTHING TO HELP ANY OF CHILDREN FOR DECADES!!!! WE ALL CAN'T BE WRONG FOR SIGNING THESE PETITIONS!!!!!!

    • Christine Kline SCOTTSDALE, AZ
      • 3 months ago

      Children have rights and fathers have voices..


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