Stop Dollar General's Development at Cranberry and Price in North Port, FL 34286
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North Port City Commissioners
Hanlex Development
William Anderson
Vice President, Dollar General
Rex Martin
North Port Planning and Zoning
Scott Williams

Stop Dollar General's Development at Cranberry and Price in North Port, FL 34286

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      No to Cranberry & Price Development

Welcome to our quiet and quaint neighborhood. We hear the birds chirp in the morning and gaze at the stars in the evenings. We occasionally get to watch a tortoise cross the road or receive a fleeting glimpse of the neighborhood bobcat. If you listen carefully you will hear the owls hoot among themselves. We are a working class neighborhood, raising families or enjoying retirement. In our neighborhood we give each other a friendly passing wave or stop to chat. Crime is virtually non-existent. This is our lifestyle. "Cranberry and Price" is how we refer to our quiet and peaceful neighborhood in North Port, Florida.


Our tranquil lifestyle is about to change and change dramatically.


Dollar General is planning to build a 12,500 square foot 'big box' store in our backyard. This development will literally be in the yards of three single-family homes and at least 25 single-family homes within a half-block of this proposed development. Dollar General is open 365 days a year from 8am to 10pm with plans to sell alcohol. Dollar General is using the ruse "we are a friendly neighborhood store where people can walk to shop"; while having 65 parking spaces! We don't want this retail chain store in our quiet neighborhood. The City of North Port does not have any commercial development in any residential neighborhood - we don't want to be the first!


Here’s a sample of what Dollar General will really bring to our quiet neighborhood ...

* Noise

* Traffic

* Increased Crime

* Lower property values

* Unsafe for pedestrians and bicyclists

* Rarer animal sightings

* Impurities to our well water systems


Would you want this in your backyard? If the answer is NO -- please help us stop this invasion of our neighborhood by signing this petition.


Thank you for your time and consideration.

North Port City Commissioners
William Anderson, Hanlex Development
Rex Martin, Vice President, Dollar General
Scott Williams, North Port Planning and Zoning
Please stop the development of Dollar General, in our quiet Cranberry & Price neighborhood, in North Port, FL 34286. This development will bring crime, traffic and noise to our very quiet residential neighborhood. Please preserve our property values and our well water aquifers. Commercial development belongs in commercial corridors - not in the backyard of family's homes!

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    1. UPDATE -- July 22 Commission Vote

      No to Cranberry & Price Development
      Petition Organizer

      Unfortunately, the commissioners unanimously voted to allow this development go on to the next phase. Mayor Yates asked the majority of questions of the developer and their entourage of 'experts'. The other 4 commissioners asked very little questions (if any). The developer did agree to re-do the wildlife study.

      This development is now in the hands of the Planning & Zoning Dept. It is the P&Z's job to ensure the developer follows the rules in the ULDC, as they move through this next step in the development.

      Just because this is a done deal == we can still fight them hard in their wallet. Just because they plan to build it; doesn't mean we have to go there! Dollar General relies on the neighborhood for the bulk of their sales; we don't have to shop at ANY of the Dollar General stores. At this point, they need us more than we need them!

      Thank you for all your support. To get up-to-the-minute information email us


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    3. ** UPDATE - Commissioner Vote **

      No to Cranberry & Price Development
      Petition Organizer

      On July 8, after careful discussion between the commissioners, the Planning & Zoning Dept, Hanlex Development and the city's attorney, the commissioners felt the developer's application did NOT meet all of the city's required codes. The NP Commissioners unanimously voted for a continuance for this development. We are grateful the commissioners did their own homework, listened to the neighborhood and preserved their vote for a later time.

      Hanlex Development has 180 days to complete the requirements this continuation mandates. They can choose to fulfill the mandate or walk away from the whole process. IF Hanlex completes this mandate, then it goes back to the commissioners for a vote. At that point, it is our understanding, they can vote YES for the development once Hanlex meets/exceeds their mandates OR they can vote YES for the development with contingencies OR they can vote NO.

      To receive up-to-the-minute updates, please email us at

    4. **** UPDATE ****

      No to Cranberry & Price Development
      Petition Organizer

      Since we started this petition, we have learned a lot of NEW information. Initially, the plans only included a Dollar General. However, on the SW corner, Hanlex Development is going to lease building #1 to Dollar General (12,500sf) and two other buildings to undisclosed occupants. Building #2 will be 12,800sf and building #3 will be 3300sf. All three separate buildings will share 149 parking spots. ALL of this on one corner!

      The North Port's Planning and Zoning Advisory Board has approved this development with a 5-2 vote. The two people who voted against this development understand there are too many unanswered questions that will negatively impact our neighborhood.

      The fate of this development will go before the NP City Commissioners on July 8th at 1:00pm at City Hall for the final vote. We hope to have a lot of people in attendance. Each person will be allowed 3 minutes to express their concerns against this development. To show unity, please wear red!

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    6. North Port Residents oppose Dollar General Site

      No to Cranberry & Price Development
      Petition Organizer
      Ernst: North Port residents oppose Dollar General site

      NORTH PORT - Neighborhood commercial nodes. The term sounds harmless enough unless one happens to be located just outside your patio. Not in my backyard? Well, it very well could be if you live in North Port. The city has 26 such nodes, 360 acres of them, distributed primarily at intersections in what are otherwise residential neighborhoods.

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    8. WWSB Channel 40 - Follow up story (5/7/13)

      No to Cranberry & Price Development
      Petition Organizer
      Here comes development, and complaints

      NORTH PORT - Proposals for commercial development near some North Port neighborhoods have those who live nearby upset. City planners say the pieces of land have been zoned commercial for years, and there are many more which could be seeing construction in other areas of the city.

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    • Paul Zabalo NORTH PORT, FL
      • about 1 year ago

      We already have a Dollar General near the Winn Dixie and a Dollar Tree at Cocoplum. This is going to bring way to much crime,traffic, and just looks stupid inbetween all thouse houses. I think we will be relocating soon if North port continues the way it is :(

    • Anthony Tartaglia NORTH PORT, FL
      • about 1 year ago

      Growing up in North Port I have learned many things. The most important lesson I learned was from the woods and the wildlife, they defined me as a child, grounded me and taught me to have respect for a power greater than myself. I lament for children growing up in our town that will not have the same life and character building experiences because of frequent development especially in areas that are residential.Our town was once tranquil and a haven for the diverse wildlife of south west Florida, actions such as the building of This store compromise all that our city once stood for. If I could I would purchase every lot zoned commercial that are in residential areas across the city and preserve it. By allowing commercial building such as this we denying our youth and residents something that isn't even our right to deny them, we are denying them Beauty, wildlife, fresh air and open spaces that surround our city and make it such a wonderful place. I have written these words from the deepest part of my heart and I hope someone will see this who can help our city and truly make a difference in this matter. please do not let our beautiful city transform into somewhere I am not proud to call my home.

    • betty hastings NORTH PORT, FL
      • about 1 year ago

      want to keep the area residential

      don't believe that particular store would improve the neighborhood

    • Mazal Fernandez NORTH PORT, FL
      • about 1 year ago

      We already have Walmarts and Publixes, we don't need a Dollar General.

    • Melanee Packard NORTH PORT, FL
      • about 1 year ago

      Corporate greed is ruining our beautiful city. Having this monstrosity in such a beautiful neighborhood will not only take away the aesthetic beauty of that area but will also drive the property values down in an already tanked area. Who wants to look out of their bedroom window and see THAT facing them? Come on, City Commissioners, there HAS to be a way to stop this. We pay taxes, WE SHOULD HAVE THE POWER TO MAKE THE DECISION!!!


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