Stop dogs massacre in the city Kutaisi(Caucasus, Georgia)

Stop dogs massacre in the city Kutaisi(Caucasus, Georgia)

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      Animal Rights Activists

This is to express our discontent in regard with inhumane and ineffective methods of homeless animal population management applied by city Kutaisi.  

The contractor of Municipality has been applying the most cruel and despotic methods to catch, transport and terminate homeless animals that is a direct severe violation of articles 102 and 104 of the Georgian Administrative Law Violation Code, article 259 of the Georgian Criminal Law Code and various international conventions.  

The latter has caused lack of control of diseases, population destabilisation and arrival of new flow of animals from rural areas. The termination of homeless animals increased risks related to human health.

While managing homeless animal population, it is a must to apply recommendations of local and international animal organizations and associations stating that reduction of homeless animal population must be carried out using only humane and proper methods such as opening shelters and veterinary-rehabilitation centres to manage animal identification, vaccination, neutering/ spaying and other various veterinary procedures; to return animal to the initial place, to find a foster family or a new owner. 

The contractor of Municipality – SP ‘Sergo Verulashvili’ (ID #60001026992) is formed with the people that treat animals with the most cruelty. The contractor does own a shelter in its ownership, but has a premise that is an animal concentration camp in the city Kutaisi (see video According to the agreement signed up until the end of this year, 2 745 animals must be isolated. It is practically impossible to fit so many animals in the mentioned premise.

Contractor must be qualified and satisfy the requirements of the veterinary services in order to meet public interests, which is not the case in regard with abovementioned contractor. 

Hence, we demand to immediately liquidate concentration camp of animals and to stop cruel treatment and killing of animals carried out by the contractor of municipality – SP ‘Sergo Verulashvili’

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    • Anita Kanitz STUTTGART, GERMANY
      • 5 months ago

      Be the change you want to see!

    • khatia esartia NEW YORK, NY
      • 10 months ago

      Man's best friend deserves a better treatment than this.

    • Dodona Kiziria BLOOMINGTON, IN
      • 10 months ago

      ცხოველების მიმართ ასეთი სისასტიკე თავისტავად ბარბაროსობაა. ასეთი მოპყრობა გავლენას ახდენს ბავშვებზეც და სადისტურ თვისებებს აღვივებს მათში. უკვე არაერთი მაგალიტი გვქონდა ბავშვების მიერ ცხოველების ენიტ აუწერელი სისასტიკით წამებისა. ასეთი ბავშვები კი სადისტებად გაიზრდებიან. ეს უკვე დამტკიცებულია ფსიქოლოგიური გამოკვლევებით.

    • Magda Tevdoradze ATLANTA, GA
      • 10 months ago

      because dogs are defenseless and oftentimes smarter than humans. :)

    • tamar Chkheidze TBILISI, GEORGIA
      • 10 months ago

      რადგანაც ეს დაუშვებელი სისასტიკეა


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