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Stop Disabling Accounts of Innocent Individuals & Start Deleting Pages Promoting Violence

    1. Elena Fried
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      Elena Fried

      Anchorage, AK

Facebook has a history of going through individuals profiles & pages and disabling them for something as little as having a stage name, that happens to be the name of a character they are very passionate about. Or, because they think people are infringing upon copyright. They do this without any warning, explanation, or reason--and if they have a reason a lot of the time it's due to someone finding that individuals page offensive.

They disable innocent individuals for these ridiculous reasons when they SHOULD be going through and deleting pages and blocking individuals who create pages that promote ALL types of violence, ALL types of discrimination, and ALL types of dehumanization.

Everyone has a right to express themselves, but NO ONE should ever be allowed to create a page that is demeaning and dehumanizing to any living thing, human, animal, and plant a like!

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    • Angela Downing EUGENE, OR
      • almost 3 years ago

      When you have facebook pages encouraging rape hand waved away and innocent pages are deleted, you know something is wrong with your site.


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