Stop! DeadBeat/Greedy/Neglectful/Slum-oops!L/Lords!
  • Petitioned State of North Carolina/ Edgecombe County, Tarboro, N.C. 27886

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Prevent My Homelessness in N.C. due to neglectful L/lord...
State of North Carolina/ Edgecombe County, Tarboro, N.C. 27886

Stop! DeadBeat/Greedy/Neglectful/Slum-oops!L/Lords!

    1. beverly eason
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      beverly eason

      tarboro, NC

It is not fair! that I a paying tenant on disability! Will soon be forced to move, because  of my l/lords greed & neglect! To pay his property taxes in 3yrs, where (I) live. It is hard to relocate when your on S.S.I., you have to recieve 2/3x's the rental fee monthly to move in a new address,look for a comfortable enviorment, application fees, If a tenant do not pay rent ''the law'' protect the rights of landlords, It is time for tenants rights to be protected against ''Slum/Greedy/Neglectful/LandLords" No More slaps on the wrist, He/She sleep good @ night, While tenant can not, due to an irresponsible L/Lord. The County should no longer foreclose & auction off the house/property, if tenant has lived there & paid rent, Therefore should be intitled to that property first! by acknowleding proir rent payments, adding that to value of the house & allowing tenant to pay taxes & rent with option to buy. please sign my petition,to help me reserve the right to stay @ my address & rent with option to buy, l/lord just want $,it's clear not the l/lord responsibilities of property.                     Thank You, Beverly M. Eason

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      beverly eason
      Petition Organizer

      My landlord totally disregarded his title as a (L/Lord), only on rent day it suddenly clicked! he is a landlord,he knew! he hadn't paid his property taxes @ my address since Nov.2008 you have pay your property taxes & here it is 2011 "Nov" to date taxes still are not paid, now the county will have to step in & take over, humph! 'do the math...When i walk in to court on the Nov.28,2011, i refuse to walk out homeless,But! I cannot do this without you all signatuers, so please help me keep a roof over rmy head, i'm on disability & do not want to get caught scrambling in societys shuffle. THANK YOU ALL!

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    • Elvis Heckstall NEW CASTLE, DE
      • almost 3 years ago

      All Tenants

    • quinneshia flowers PINETOPS, NC
      • almost 3 years ago

      because its clearly obnoxious the way the system is set up to continue to keep the 'poor poor' and the 'crooks crooked' and the 'rich richer' when none of this is helping our country as a whole! this is only causing more families to be without homes and hope, in order for the crooks to keep their dreams alive! they kill ours!!!

    • priscilla grovenor TARBORO, NC
      • almost 3 years ago

      Because land lords get away with murder, there is a law for them what about the tenants who they abuse, when is it right to squeeze certain tenants who can't afford to pay these crooks. I'm not saying all of them are bad, I'm speaking about the heartless ones who want you to take care of their property at your expense not theirs. We as tenants don't mind if they are fair which is never, I bet they are living good at our expense. Just voice your opinion about landlords because we all feel the pain and injustice heaped upon the tenants, how can they mistreat tenants who paid their rent on time until the landlord screwed up at the expense of his tenants. What you should know is that some landlords will face foreclosure and you will be in the dark until you are served with papers from the new owner. Please pass this on.


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