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Finl Fraud Enforcement Task Force and Securities and Exchange Commission
Michael Breznick (FFETF) and Jane Norberg of the SEC at (202) 551-4790

Stop Creditor, Tax, and Securities Fraud

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      Stop The One Percent

Prosecuting this fraud would create billions of revenue for America, which would reduce our national and state deficits.   If only 7% of all large public companies are doing this fraud, it would amount to $3 Trillion. 

SEC and FFETF should STOP Raymond James $1 Billion purchase of Morgan Keegan with their $14.9 Billion Tax, Securities and Creditor Fraud.  The secret extra fraudulent creditor claim in 08-02066 should be prosecuted.  Those responsible  should be held for the creditor fraud, resulting  securities, tax fraud from 2008 to 2017, as shown on their 2008 10K, in the 08 footnotes.   RJ must show WHERE THE MONEY for the transaction of the “tax asset” tax loss came from, which was five times higher than their 2008 net worth, an impossibility.  Net worth now is substantially higher now because of the $14.9 Billion Fraud.   

For more ways to get to keep this fraud from escaping regulation, visit:  StopTheOnePercent.org   

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