Stop Comcast's Takeover of NBC/Universal -- It's a Bad Deal
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Stop Comcast's Takeover of NBC/Universal -- It's a Bad Deal

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The combination of NBC's content with Comcast's distribution power would create a media giant of unmatched size and scope which, if approved, will have unprecedented control over what Americans watch.

Did you plan to catch some football over the holiday weekend? Do you love Hulu? Does "The Office" make your weekly TV list?  

If the Comcast/NBC merger is approved, It’s likely that a lot of free NBC content may disappear, popular programs like Sunday Night Football could move to more expensive cable packages, and free access to NBC online sites like Hulu could be blocked.


Take action and tell the FCC that the proposed marriage of these two media behemoths will result in less competition, higher costs, and fewer content choices.

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