Stop Coal Seam Gas in the World Heritage Greater  Blue Mountains Area
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The Hon. Barry O'Farrell, MP
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Stop Coal Seam Gas in the World Heritage Greater Blue Mountains Area

    1. Dr Kellie Leigh
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      Dr Kellie Leigh

      Sydney, Australia

The Great Blue Mountains area is a designated World Heritage area of global significance for biodiversity conservation. The area is also a vital part of the water catchment for our river systems, and for Sydney's water supply.

Coal Seam Gas exploration risks contamination of the water supply, plus devastating consequences for wildlife and ecosystems. It is against international best practice guidelines to mine within, or adjacent to, a World Heritage area, as supported by the IUCN and the International Council on Mining and Metals.

We call for both the NSW State Parliament and AGL to immediately remove all lands within the Greater Blue Mountains area, including the Blue Mountains City Council area, from AGL's Petroleum Exploration Licence (PEL2) and for the Blue Mountains to be protected as a CSG and mining free area.

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    2. Federal support to increase the safety of CSG mining

      Dr Kellie Leigh
      Petition Organizer

      Good news arrived today. The Federal Government has tightened its powers over new coal seam gas developments. Your voices are being heard. All new CSG developments which threaten water supplies must now be assessed by the Commonwealth, a huge step forward for securing our water catchments.
      However this does not apply to developments that are already approved or assessed, or lease renewals. We need to use this Federal recognition of the risks that CSG poses to our water supplies, to stop the NSW State Government from wreaking havoc in the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area and the Sydney Water catchment.
      Every time someone signs this petition Premier Barry O'Farrell receives another email copy of the petition. We will soon print out all signatures and your comments and start mailing and faxing them through. Please pass the petition on, we are gaining momentum!

      Government extends powers over CSG projects - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

      Updated March 12, 2013 13:27:51 New laws covering the approval of coal seam gas projects have closed an "enormous gap" in the process, according to Independent MP Tony Windsor. The Federal Government has announced laws to ensure that any coal seam gas or large coal mine development which has "a significant impact on a water resource" must be assessed by the Commonwealth.

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    4. Why we need to speak up

      Dr Kellie Leigh
      Petition Organizer

      Fast facts on CSG in NSW:
      “The next Liberal/National government will ensure that mining cannot occur … in any water catchment area, and will ensure that mining leases and mining exploration permits reflect that common sense; no ifs, no buts, a guarantee.” Barry O'Farrell before election.
      Since then:
      1. His government has released a Strategic Regional Land Use policy which opens the way to develop CSG and mineral mining across the state. No area of NSW is off limits.
      2. Fracking has been approved across drinking water catchments. .
      3. The Sydney Catchment Authority is in charge of ensuring and protecting Sydney’s water supply. The government has recently replaced the chairman of the Catchment Authority Board with the former director of two of Australia’s largest mining companies.
      4. The O’Farrell government has reduced funding for the Environmental Defenders Office, greatly reducing the potential for any challenges to new mining ventures, particularly CSG and coal mining.

    5. Sydney basin at high danger of Fracking

      Dr Kellie Leigh
      Petition Organizer

      The Chief Scientist investigating Coal Seam Gas on behalf of the NSW Government has stated that CSG carried out in the Sydney basin is more likely to result in fracking than CSG in other areas. This means it is at very high risk of dangers like surface gas leaks, water contamination and cracking of underground aquifers. AGL have previously said they would not use fracking but have recently changed their minds. The risks to the Sydney water supply are far too high, the O'Farrell Government must stop CSG near Sydney and near our water supply. Please sign and share this petition.

      Sydney more likely to become a hot spot for fracking, says Chief Scientist

      Chris Hartcher ... Minister for Resources and Energy. Photo: Dean Osland FRACKING is more likely to take place during coal seam gas drilling near Sydney than in many other gas fields around Australia, according to an unpublished report from the NSW Chief Scientist that was commissioned by the state government.

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    7. A promising step forward against CSG

      Dr Kellie Leigh
      Petition Organizer

      This week the Blue Mountains City Council unanimously passed a motion to protect the Greater Blue Mountains Area from Coal Seam Gas mining. Liberal Mayor, Daniel Myles, even promised to 'man the barricades' should the need arise. Due to increasing pressure, and education about this frightening industry, the protest is gaining support.

      Sadly, as evidenced by the past, Council support does not guarantee that the CSG plans will be stopped at the State Government level. Please use this good news and solid backing from our local representatives to spread the word and get your friends to sign this petition! Every person can make a difference, you already have.

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    9. Coal Seam Gas fields leak methane, worse for climate than coal!

      Dr Kellie Leigh
      Petition Organizer

      New research has just found massive amounts of methane leaking from a coal seam gas field. CSG is not looking like the green solution to coal that the industry has sold it as, but instead is a potentially very dangerous industry.
      Now is the time to increase the pressure on our Government to ban CSG from drinking water catchments and world heritage areas, to demand they scale it back until the research is done to show how safe, or unsafe, it really is.
      Now is the time to pass this petition on to your friends, so that we can increase the pressure and let the government know how concerned we are.

      Methane leaking from coal seam gas field, testing shows

      Vast amounts of methane appear to be leaking undetected from Australia's biggest coal seam gas field, according to world-first research that undercuts claims by the gas industry. Testing inside the Tara gas field, near Condamine on Queensland's Western Downs, found some greenhouse gas levels over three times higher than nearby districts, according to the study by researchers at Southern Cross University.

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    Reasons for signing

    • Alaina Handran-Smith MERIMBULA, AUSTRALIA
      • 9 months ago

      for the conservation of the environment and for clean air and water

      • 9 months ago

      World Heritage sites are protected by an international convention and their values must be upheld.

    • Jennifer Ruming KOTARA SOUTH, AUSTRALIA
      • 10 months ago

      No to CSG!!

    • Kerry Edward AUSTRALIA
      • 10 months ago

      All my family at one time or another has lived in the Blue Mountains and cherish its beauty. I support no CSG in the Blue Mountains.

    • Miles Killen AUSTRALIA
      • 11 months ago

      I live in the blue mountains


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