Stop Child Abuse at the hands of Government
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Stop Child Abuse at the hands of Government

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      Citizens for Legislative Change, America

Children deserve to grow up and live their lives free from abuse, right? 

Abuse can come from many directions. Abuse can come from parents, neighbors, other kids at school, relatives or strangers.

Abuse can even come from lawmakers and politicians.

Child abuse can come from Politicians and Lawmakers? How can that be?

The current scheme for getting elected into office is to gather votes from the public. One of the most sure ways to gain votes today is to go about the nation eager to punish law breakers in the name of protecting children.

Unfortunately, laws created to punish Adults have the same effect on their children. If a law makes it so the Adult cannot get a job, cannot get a place to live, cannot go to parks or church... the effects are the same on the children of these ex offenders.

Heaping all manner of laws such as being banned from getting a job, banned from renting a place to live, banned from small business loans, banned from parks, banned from going to church upon persons who have served out all their court sentences only causes that family to end up homeless and standing in the cold with their hands out seeking Government Support for Food, Rent Money, Medical and Dental Coverage...

Not to mention all the abuse these children receive once all the other children at school realize they are the children of a parent who is on the National Sex Offender Registry.

Take the time to watch this video...A child tells how retroactively applied laws have ruined his life. VIDEO LINK CLICK HERE

If the courts are going to sentence a person for a crime, then the time to decide if that person is dangerous and should either be put to death, locked up for ever or released after their time of prison/punishment for that crime is over.

Locking up a person for a number of years, then letting them out, branding them by way of the Public Sex Offender Registry, preventing them from getting a job, preventing them from getting a place to live, attend church.. have friends... care for their children is insanity. Not only does this practice harm countless thousands of children of ex offenders it also costs tax payers Billions of Dollars.

Why would any court allow people to be released from prison who are a DANGER TO SOCIETY?

For more information on how these laws harm men, women and children visit our website:

Citizens for Change, America

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    • David Gossett COPPERAS COVE, TX
      • about 3 years ago

      Because my kids are affected by the continuation of my double punishment for the crime i did 20+yrs ago, I served my time and was released and now i have a life sentence for the same crime!!!


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