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stop BP from using Chemical Dispersants in the Gulf of Mexico

    1. Tim McClennen
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      Tim McClennen

      Annapolis, MD

The goal of BP's chemical dispersants is to make the oil thinner, which is supposed to portect birds. Thick oil will render the bird's feathers stickey, and stop them from flying, which could kill them.

However, the chemical dispersants fail. Much of the oil remains stickey, still posing a threat to birds (somewhat less of a threat). Also, the dispersants are toxic. The chemicals in themselves are very damaging to aquatic life which swims through them. The dispersants also cause the oil (which is itself toxic) to spread out over a larger area, and thus effect more animals. Droplets of oil now hang in suspension dozens of feet below the surface. These droplets are of such a size as to be conviently swallowed by all sorts of animals including fish and dolfins.

The use of Chemical Dispersants on this spill is not succeeding in its inteded goal, and the side effects of the chemicals are not acceptable.

The use of these chemicals needs to stop now.

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