Stop betting on hunger
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Stop betting on hunger

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Global food prices are soaring again. Maize prices rose by 25 per cent in July, pushing more and more people into hunger. Sparked by drought in the US, financial speculators are rushing to cash-in on rising prices. Expert predictions show that speculation will push prices through the roof, as it did in 2008 and 2011.

You can help us stop food speculation contributing to future food crises. On 9 October, Europe's finance ministers will vote on new rules to prevent speculators pushing up prices. The UK government is firmly opposed to regulation and could scupper the vote.

The only thing that could change Chancellor George Osborne's mind is mass public pressure. We need your help to let George Osborne know that the UK public wants him to vote for strong limits to tackle food speculation.

Please take this action and help prevent speculators from betting on hunger.

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