Stop Baking to Death and Torturing TDCJ Prisoners
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Stop Baking to Death and Torturing TDCJ Prisoners

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      Austin, TX

Texas needs to introduce, support, and pass legislation and regulations that stop the Texas Department of Criminal Justice from baking to death and torturing prisoners that have NOT been sentenced to death! Texas is committing a much larger crime than any convicted prisoner!

Texas is a serial murderer that during Governor of Texas Rick Perry's tenure alone has perhaps hundreds of murder victims; one that every year causes the extreme inhumane suffering of over 100,000 victims…

Most of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice prison systems have no air conditioning for prisoners, and now in the famous Texas summer heat especially with global warming and the verified increase in the frequency of deadly heat waves the increased information sharing ability the Internet has brought us brings to light this massive crime going on in Texas.

It’s impossible to say the full extent of this problem; Texas hides and does not release prisoner death statistics, but this year (2011) alone it could be estimated more than 10 people have died from easily preventable heat related causes. There could be as many as 100+ dead people this year. With outside temperatures peaking at 110 degrees give or take 10 degrees, inside prisons often with no ventilation or open windows frequently climb another 20+ degrees. Temps of 132-145 degrees have been reported. At one unit it is reported paramedics told the prison officials to open the windows and a Fire Marshall said it is too hot for humans, but still they didn’t open the windows…

One could go on and on to describe the agony of over 100,000 human beings each year living in 100+ degree environments with one or two if they are lucky 8oz glasses of water per day. Please educate yourself and call attention to this hidden travesty that is unconstitutional, illegal, and immoral. A crime that if it were done to dogs would be immediately dealt with severely yet every year over one hundred thousand humans experience it right here in the USA, far outstripping any abuses at Guantanamo Bay.

Imagine a member of your family, perhaps even the black sheep of the family, or a loved spouse or your very own child dying, how would you feel? The Supreme Court has ruled; it is not in question, the State of Texas must provide prisoners with humane living conditions that the prisoners cannot provide for themselves because their freedom has been restricted. Torture and death are not what Judges sentenced them to, and we ask that you don’t sentence them to this either…

Imagine hundreds and hundreds of human beings laying on concrete seeking relief in wet clothes in pure agony barely able to breathe. Imagine your 60, 70, or 80 year old grandparents doing this. Imagine your father and mother going through this; imagine your own children going through this.. Even outside the walls imagine the daily worry of family, even the children who each year might wonder if this year will be the year they will become an orphan. Imagine the weak and infirm, the countless with medical problems suffering without break. Imagine all this and you'd still have only a fraction of the reality...

I respectfully ask, indeed demand that Texas live up to its Constitutional legal obligations and immediately introduce and pass emergency legislation to resolve this most serious problem.

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    2. Decision-maker Diane Patrick responds:

      Diane Patrick

      Thank you for contacting our office in regards to heat conditions in Texas prisons. Recognizing Texas summer heat, the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) has guidelines to address these prison conditions for both staff and inmate...

    3. Decision-maker Diane Patrick responds:

      Diane Patrick

      Thank you for contacting our office in regards to heat conditions in Texas prisons. Recognizing Texas summer heat, the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) has guidelines to address these prison conditions for both staff and inmate...

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    5. Decision-maker Lon Burnam responds:

      Lon Burnam

      Thank you for your letter regarding life-threatening conditions in Texas state jails.

      I strongly agree that it is unacceptable for inmates to suffer, and in some cases die, in Texas jails due to preventable, heat-related illnesses. Gi...

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    • Suzannw Appleton BECKVILLE, TX
      • 10 months ago

      My son is incarcerated in TDCJ and it is appalling what these prisoners are put it was said they were not given a death sentence.

    • Juli Picka THE WOODLANDS, TX
      • 12 months ago

      Prior to air conditioning the air temperature in this region was collier than today. Yes, I do have a son who is incarcerated whom I love and care for dearly. He has been sentenced to prison but not to Hell. It has been proven that heat exhaustion, heat stroke and even brain injury occur in individuals in hot environments that are considered in humane. Please consider a little ac for these human beings.

    • Denicka Martinez EL PASO, TX
      • 12 months ago

      Prisons are supposed to rehabilitate these people to come back to our society worse than when they left it. I don't believe we should make them live in inhumane conditions to create a meaner more vicious person. This is not going to make Texas safer.

    • Beatriz Calderon SAN ANTONIO, TX
      • 12 months ago

      I have a nephew in prison. He made one mistake and doesn't deserve to suffer in the Texas heat. He is already paying his debt to society by being behind bars.

    • Jacqueline Cain SURFSIDE, TX
      • about 1 year ago

      Heat exhaustion is a tortuous ailment. For many inmates, jail should be a place to make positive changes. Hear exhaustion hinders a person physically and mentally.


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