STOP animal abuse: Introduce strong Legislation's - Support Naresh Kadyan
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STOP animal abuse: Introduce strong Legislation's - Support Naresh Kadyan

    1. Abhishek Kadyan
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      Abhishek Kadyan

      Delhi, India

The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 needs its replacement with strong legislation's, where as draft bill of Animal Welfare Act, 2011 is pending, hence support Naresh Kadyan to be a political voice for animals in the upper house of Indian Parliament.

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    • Anita Kanitz STUTTGART, GERMANY
      • 7 months ago

      I have two pets and a child!

      My ex-tenant was sending me for years animal rape porns and cruel child porns with E-Mail. This crime must be stopped!

      A 2002 study found that 96 percent of juveniles

      who had sexual conduct with animals

      also admitted to sex offenses against humans.

      The FBI says serial sexual homicide perpetrators

      commonly sexually assault animals.


      Animal brothels are perfectly legal and

      raping an animal carries no punishment. Laws in both Denmark and Norway are fairly open when it comes to a person’s legal right to engage in sexual activity with an animal. The law states that doing so is perfectly legal, so long as the animal involved does not suffer. According to the Danish newspaper 24timer, this interesting gap in the law has led to a flourishing business in which people pay in order to have sex with animals.

      On the internet, several Danish animal owners openly advertise their services. The newspaper contacted several such individuals and was told that many of the animals have been engaged in this kind of activity for several years and that the animals crave the sexual stimulation. The newspaper found that the cost charged by the animal owners varied from DKK 500 to 1,000 (USD$85 to $170).

      Since Danish laws are so similar to Norwegian laws, the animal bordello phenomenon has led many to question if such a practice could be legal in Norway as well.

      Torunn Knaevelsrud is the section chief for animal welfare for the Norwegian Food Safety Authority. “It is difficult to say yes or no,” he replied to a question about the legality of animal bordellos in Norway.

      “It could be that the animals don’t really care,” Knaevelsrud said. “But I think it is in the nature of the case that animals will often be victims of injury, stress or suffering in connection with sexual acts with humans. Either that they are held fast, or frightened, or suffer pain or physical injury,” Knaevelsrud said.

      Norway is currently reviewing its Animal Protection Act and several groups, including the Norwegian Animal Welfare Alliance, have proposed making amendments which forbid sexual intercourse with animals.

      “The acts provoke moral disgust. The question is whether immorality should be made illegal. The FSA group discussing the new animal protection act has been in disagreement about this,” Knaevelsrud said.

      One of the owners of an animal bordello in Denmark said that many of his clients come from abroad and travel some distance for his services. “But the clients tell us that it is much simpler to buy animal sex in Denmark than in their own country,” the owner said, explaining that many of his clients come from Norway, Sweden, Holland and Germany.


      ON 1st of September, 2012, Danish activists demonstrated

      against animal brothels in their country.


      The Rape of Sincan

      March 2011 - This dog has been raped and killed behind the Mayor's Office.There is nothing strange about finding a raped dog in Turkey. It happens everywhere and you only have to spend some time on Facebook to discover many many cases, sometimes on a daily basis.

      But this case is a little different. The end result is the same, a dog is raped by a human and is killed afterwards... what is different is the LOCATION of the crime.

      The rape took place right behind the building of the Sincan Municipality in Ankara.

      A few meters away from a building constantly surveiled by security, a dog is being raped, her screams are loud, can be heard from the distance... But nobody did anything...

      The media have named her Luna.

      For the last few days this beautiful dog has become known all around the world as the Dog Raped in Sincan... She deserved better. She deserved a name.

      Here is to you beautiful Luna. Noone bothered giving you a home, a pervert took your life away in the most horrendous manner.

      Giving you a name and showing the world how beautiful you were when you were alive was the least we could do.

      The world cries for you. ... well.. maybe not the whole world... certainly the Sincan Municipality has no tears for Luna. The discovery of her broken body didn't bring sadness but shame to the municipality and they did what each and every single Turkish municipality has ever done whenever we have uncovered one of such cases: Deny and Attack.

      The first reaction of the Sincan Municipality was to threaten to sue the media for dirtying the image of the Mustafa Tuna, the Mayor. Shortly afterwards Omer Demir, Lawyer of the Municipality called the media to sincerely apologize for their threat and expressed how sad he was at this situation. He sounded very sad.

      Today, in an strange twist of events the very same apologetic lawyer told the media he intends to sue the media for insulting the honor of the Municipality and for creating false news. According to Mustafa Tuna, the Mayor and Omer Demir, the lawyer, everything is a lie. No dog has ever been killed and raped in Sincan, the pictures have been fabricated by Let's Adopt!. Luna didn't exist, and if she did this happened in another country, as noone in Turkey would ever think of raping a dog.


      Dog raped in the bathroom of a gas station.On 18th of September 2012, the dog in the above picture was brutally raped in the bathroom of a gas station in Brazil. When people heard screams coming from the said bathroom, they called the police.

      Upon entry the room, they found the room covered with blood everywhere and the poor dog in very serious condition. The dog was hospitalized with severe bleeding that could not be stopped due to her internal organs completely being destroyed

      Just look at the picture and imagine the moments of horror that poor dog has lived, trying desperately to escape her aggressor, struggling throughout the entire bathroom.

      Animal welfare organisation Associações AAPA, Amigos do Canil e SOS Bicho de Rua has started a petition that is addressed to the public prosectur Cruz Alta/RS, calling for severe punishment of the abuser who is still in liberty while awaiting his process.


      Pony, the Orangutan prostitute.

      Michelle Desilets [Director of the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation]: Pony is an orangutan from a prostitute village in Borneo. We found her chained to a wall, lying on a mattress. She had been shaved all over her body.

      I want to cry.

      If a man walked near her, she would turn herself around, present herself, and start gyrating and going through the motions. She was being used as a sex slave. She was probably about six or seven years old when we rescued her, but she had been held captive by a madam for a long time. The madam refused to give up the animal because everyone loved Pony and she was a big part of their income. They also thought Pony was lucky, as she would pick winning lottery numbers.

      Did the clients realize that they were in fact getting an orangutan?

      Oh yeah, they would come in especially for it. You could choose a human if you preferred, but it was a novelty for many of the men to have sex with an orangutan. They shaved her every other day, which meant that her skin had all these pimples and was very irritated. The mosquitoes would get to her very badly and the bites would become septic and be very infected, as she would scratch them constantly. They would put rings and necklaces on her. She was absolutely hideous to look at.

      How did you get her away from there?

      It took us over a year to rescue her, because every time we went in with forest police and local officers we would be overpowered by the villagers, who simply would not give her up. They would threaten us with guns and knives with poison on them. In the end it took 35 policemen armed with AK-47s and other weaponry going in there and demanding that they hand over Pony. It was filmed by a local television crew and in the background of the film when we are unchaining Pony you can hear the madam crying hysterically, screaming, “They are taking my baby, you can’t do this!” There is no law enforcement in Indonesia so these people didn’t face any sentence or anything for what they had done.


      Bestiality brothels spur call for animal sex ban.

      Animal sex abuse is on the rise in Germany, with bestiality brothels being set up across the country, according to a state animal protection officer demanding stronger laws to protect mankind's furry and feathered friends.

      February 3, 2012

      Madeleine Martin, the animal protection official for Hessian state government, said the law needed to be changed to make sex abuse of animals – known as zoophilia – a crime.

      “It is punishable to distribute animal pornography, but the act itself is not,” she told the Frankfurter Rundschau daily paper on Friday.

      “There are even animal brothels in Germany,” she said. Sex with animals was being increasingly seen as a lifestyle choice, and thus more acceptable.

      “The abuse seems to be increasingly rapidly, and the internet offers an additional distribution platform,” she said.

      She said the justice authorities had found it exceptionally difficult to convict a man from Hesse, who had offered pictures and instructions for animal sex abuse over the internet.

      “Zoophilia must be completely banned in the reformed animal protection law,” said Martin, referring to the governments plan to rework that section of the law.

      Sex with animals was banned until 1969, when the animal protection law was introduced, but failed to include a specific ban on zoophilia, the Frankfurter Rundschau said.

      Martin said the current legal situation makes it too difficult for authorities to intervene – an animal has to be shown to have massive injuries before the animal protection laws prescribe action.

      Source: The Local

      Germany to ban bestiality

      under animal welfare law

      Agriculture minister to outlaw 'inappropriate' sexual acts as zoophiles threaten legal action

      November 27, 2012

      Germany is to introduce a ban on bestiality with a revision of animal welfare law that will reverse a decision in 1969 to legalise zoophilia.

      Animal rights groups have called for the practice to be recognised as animal defilement and rape, using dramatic photographs of animals being cruelly treated by humans for sexual purposes to put pressure on the German government.

      Zoophiles, or those who practise bestiality, argue that they treat animals as equals and never force them to do anything against their will.

      "We are going to take legal action to fight this," said Michael Kiok, chairman of the pressure group Zoophile Engagement for Tolerance and Information (Zeta), which has about 100 members. "Central to the beliefs of zoophiles is that we don't do anything that the animal doesn't want. We do not treat them cruelly. An animal is quite capable of showing precisely what it wants and does not want. When I look at my dog I know immediately what it wants. Animals are much easier to understand than women," he said.

      The centre-right government of Angela Merkel, which has shaped the law change, said key to the new legislation was recognising that sex with humans was "inappropriate" for animals. According to Hans-Michael Goldmann, chairman of the parliamentary agricultural committee which will discuss the law on Wednesday before a final vote in the Bundestag on 14 December, animals should not be used "for personal sexual activities or made available to third parties for sexual activities … thereby forcing them to behave in ways that are inappropriate to their species".

      Animal rights' campaigners welcomed the ban, but said it was being used to divert attention from more widespread and pressing animal rights issues. "We welcome the new amendment (to the law) to ban sodomy," said Thomas Schröder, president of the German Animal Welfare Association (DTSB). "But this achievement in the animal welfare struggle cannot be used as an excuse to conceal other urgent animal rights questions".

      Agriculture minister Ilse Aigner was said to have introduced the amendment to appease animal rights campaigners angry that more is not being done to tackle perceived animal rights abuses in the agricultural industry. Campaigners wants bans on cutting off piglets' tails, and the castration of piglets and branding of horses without anaesthesia. In the end Aigner has affected a change only on the issue of castration, but not until 2018, when the practice will only be allowed to be carried out under local anaesthetic.

      Kiok, 52, a university librarian from Münster, southern Germany, who lives with his 8½-year-old Alsatian called Cessie in what he calls a relationship, said zoophiles had been "put on the sacrificial altar of a lazy compromise". Estimating there are about 100,000 active zoophiles in Germany, he said the group remained deeply misunderstood. "We don't have anything to do with people who abuse animals," he said. "We only want what's best for the animal. "It cannot be that the mutually gratifying sexual contact between human and animal is forbidden because it's unfavourable to the species, but the abuse of animals in the agricultural industry continues."

      He said he had received death threats from campaigners who were threatening to remove his dog. The protesters posted on Facebook that they had the addresses of 800 zoophiles and would campaign to have their pets taken from them.

      Koik said he had been through years of therapy and despair due to his zoophilia, only discovering on the internet the "huge number of zoophiles, especially in the US," he said. "It was a relief to feel I wasn't a monster as I'd heard for much of my life," he said.

      What these heinous criminals do to these poor animals:

      You are so small and defenceless, you are terrified, in horrific pain, you have been bound and gagged by your torturer with no means of escape. You have been beaten and kicked until you are almost unconscious, then dragged into a room where your torturer has paid another to put you through so much physical and mental pain you are praying you won't survive.

      Still conscious he will deliberately destroy your internal organs, your delicate pelvic bones will be smashed, your skin will literally be ripped to pieces. Your legs will be forced to breaking point, your muscles and ligaments shredded and torn from the bone where your attacker forces your limbs away from your body. So much pain, so much fear, so much horror for someone so tiny, so innocent to endure.

      All the while you try to scream out in hopes that someone will help you, anyone, just to make this stop. You try to fight back but you cant, you are bound and your mouth has been gagged so you cannot defend yourself in any way.

      You pray that death will be kind and take you to where you cant be hurt any more, because if you do survive, tomorrow or the next day, your owner will again take money from another, to abuse and rape you again.

      You don’t understand what is happening to you. Why isn’t anyone coming to save you? Why is he doing this to you? What have you done so wrong that you have to endure this horrific ordeal?

      The truth is:

      You have done nothing wrong, you are an innocent. The reason he is allowed to do this to you is because you are in an animal brothel, in a country that has no laws to prohibit bestiality....

    • Brenda Smith MCMINNVILLE, TN
      • 7 months ago

      Because these people act like they have a license to treat animals like scum. They think abuse is funny.

    • Jessica Kuik HAMILTON, CANADA
      • 9 months ago

      No animals should ever be abused they are defenseless!

    • Caitlin Dewicki LIVONIA, MI
      • about 1 year ago

      Animals deserve our protection at least. They deserve rights. We are animals after all.

    • sam holding holding CHESHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM
      • about 1 year ago

      bloody cruel


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