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stop all forerclosures

    1. Petition by

      Bill Fuchs

      Alamo, CA

Everyone who owns a home and has a mortgage is at risk, regardless if you have a fixed or adjustable mortgage rate. Banks were deregulated under President Bush and he gave them a license to steal homes without having any just cause to take the homes. If your home has equity in it the bank can call the loan at will or transfer it to another loan servicers and they can call the loan. The bank knows when the home is worth more than the outstanding balance of the loan and they will use their BPOs (appraisal sources) to determine if they should foreclose and steal the home from the legal home owner. Banks use the MERS system to transfer the home through many entities electronically without notifying the legal homeowner. Thus making it difficult for the homeowner to get a written justification for why the Bank came up with a myriad of fess and charges that changed the cost of the monthly payment and now they have the means to commence the foreclosure process. Many homeowners do not have the means to litigate this process which can take years in state and federal court where the bank's legions of attorneys and their strong lobbying power will nearly always get the courts to rule in their favour. This process gets far worse with adjustable rate mortgages that can rise even when the prime rate drops. Unregulated banks are at the root cause of our economic downfall over the last seven years. The Federal Reserve Board of Governors with the help of the State and Federal Legislatures, should rule that all foreclosures must cease retroactive to 2005 when the banks started making these toxic loans. I urge every American homeowner to sign my petition and join in the fight against banking corruption, extortion and fraud.

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    2. Fraud Complaint Filed

      Bill Fuchs
      Petition Organizer

      After dealing with the local Contra Costa County court system I am about to notch it up a level and take my case to the United States District court in San Francisco where the judges are far more competent and know most of the laws regarding real estate.

      Today I filed a Federal Fraud Complaint which after a year of hard research I have compiled into a 100 page complaint with over 150 violations of Federal and State Laws.

      The big banks including GMAC have a practice and pattern of abusing the laws and circumventing proper procedures when trying to foreclose on property. I have identified most of the areas that they regularly abuse and have documented them in my complaint. I have to hope that the Federal Judge who handles this very complex case is up to date on real estate law.

      If anyone has any questions regarding foreclosures by GMAC and their trustee ETS please contact me by email to billfoxxx@yahoo.com.

      Good Luck to us ALL.....Bill Fuchs

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    4. California Legislature Willing to Support Effort

      Bill Fuchs
      Petition Organizer

      I have been meeting with representatives and senators from the California Legislature to remedy this position. They have allowed me to craft a new bill which will reform CA Judiciary and get them on our side and out of the pockets of the corrupt Big Banks. The bill is up for submission to the new legislative session in January 2013.

      I will keep you posted on my progress.


    5. I will have my first day in court on 1 June 2012

      Bill Fuchs
      Petition Organizer

      With ths assistance of a few knowledgable counsels, I will have my first day in United States District court in San Francisco on 1 June 2012. This will be the typical David versus Goliath battle as I will face off against a large army of Banking litigators. This is an important case for the banks as they recently lost an $18,000,000,000.00 settllement to the California Attorney General for violating RESPA, TILA and MERS rules. My case is relatively straight forward, but we all know the law works in mysterious ways. My research has uncovered a practice and pattern of the big banks consistently violating these rules to foreclose on homes illegally. They are aware, that most of these homeowners do not have the financial wherewithal to sustain a lengthy and arduous litigation process, and the government watchdog agencie are too busy to monitor every foreclosure.

      I will keep you all appraised of my progress on this front1


    Reasons for signing

    • maria clarke SUSSEX, NJ
      • about 2 years ago

      force the banks to make loans affordable and not go by how much your gross pay is but by how much your take home pay is ???and redo these loans now !!!!!!!

    • Bill Fuchs ALAMO, CA
      • over 2 years ago

      Economic Justice, Protection of one of our most most valuable assets. restoration othe American Dream. Please join me and sign this important petition!


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