Stop All Aboard Florida from using the FEC train tracks. They should build new tracks west of our towns without the use of U.S. Government backed loans or funds.
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Mr. John Winkle
Federal Railroad Administration
Mr. Catherine Dobbs
Federal Railroad Administration
Governor of Florida
Governor Rick Scott

Stop All Aboard Florida from using the FEC train tracks. They should build new tracks west of our towns without the use of U.S. Government backed loans or funds.

    1. Florida NOT All Aboard
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      Florida NOT All Aboard

      East Coast, FL

If AAF is allowed to utilize the coastal rail tracks as planned, there will be an additional 32 passenger trains per day through our coastal towns and over our old bridges, including three major marine bridges;  The New River, Loxahatchee and St. Lucie River.  There will be an increase in noise pollution, traffic congestion and major safety concerns in our coastal towns.  It is predicted many homes and businesses that are impacted by the train will have a decrease in value.  AAF will cause longer commutes to work and could affect emergency response times.  The projected number of trains is up to 50 freight and passenger trains per day!  Freight is projected to increase with longer trains/more freight trains.  AAF=All About Freight! AAF should not use any taxpayer money for this "private" venture.  AAF needs to change their course from Miami to Orlando!

Federal Railroad Administration, Mr. John Winkle
Federal Railroad Administration, Mr. Catherine Dobbs
Governor Rick Scott, Governor of Florida
Stop All Aboard Florida from using the FEC train tracks. They should build new tracks west of our towns without taxpayer money.

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    1. Martin Talks with guest Bruno Moore!

      Florida NOT All Aboard
      Petition Organizer

      In case you missed it, here is the show with Dist. 32 FL Democratic Senate Candidate, Bruno Moore who joined KC this week on Martin Talks. Next week KC will speak with Dist. 18 US Rep. Candidate Carl Domino and the following week will be with Senator Joe Negron!

      Martin Talks 10/16/14

      K.C. Talks to Bruno Moore

    2. Please attend Brevard County Commission meeting on 10/21!

      Florida NOT All Aboard
      Petition Organizer

      Thank you to Monique Miller for providing this action plan and summary. Please attend and write the Brevard County Commissioners.

      10/21/2014 at 9:00 a.m.
      Government Center Commission Room, Building C 2725 Judge Fran Jamieson Way, Viera, Florida

      Robin Fisher
      Ph: (321) 264-6750

      Chuck Nelson Ph: (321) 454-6601

      Trudie Infantini Ph: (321) 952-6300

      MaryBolin Lewis Ph: (321) 633-2044

      Andy Anderson Ph: (321) 253-6611


      The attached resolution
      involving All Aboard Florida (AAF) will come before the Brevard Board of County Commissioners for a vote on Tuesday, October 21.

      We have three concerns about the resolution that could prove detrimental to the future safety and well-being of Brevard residents:

      1. The issuance of Private Activity Bonds (PABs) and revision of associated terms or limits should be separate and distinct from negotiations over the responsibility for costs borne from AAF’s project. Please consider having the proposed resolution amended as follows:

      a. Remove any references to the grade crossing maintenance.

      b. Remove the language that adds AAF as a third-party beneficiary to Brevard’s crossing agreements with FEC.

      2. Because the Environmental Impact Study (EIS) has just been released, it is premature for Brevard County to accept or offer any concessions to/from AAF, since it is impossible to fully quantify the financial impact to Brevard of all issues raised in the EIS. These negotiations should be postponed until after the Federal Railroad Administration’s (FRA) public comment period for the EIS has ended and the FRA’s assessment is complete.

      3. AAF wants Brevard County to add AAF as a third-party beneficiary to the grade crossing agreements between Brevard County and Florida East Coast Railways (FEC). This is the most valuable bargaining chip Brevard County has in its negotiations over costs with AAF. Until Brevard knows all costs that will be incurred as a result of AAF’s project, it would be irresponsible to concede this critical point of leverage.

      Talking Points

      Whether you are for or against AAF’s project is irrelevant to the October 21 vote. We are here to remind the County Commissioners that their number one priority is to act in the best interest of Brevard’s residents. Voting in favor of the resolution, in its current form, is not in Brevard’s best interest for the reasons cited above. Additionally, it is important that the BOCC have an idea of the costs that could be inflicted upon Brevard citizens if the BOCC does not negotiate wisely and have AAF assume them.

      1. The PABs represent a taxpayer subsidy of about $500 Million. There is a reason why counties were limited to $7.5 Million. It is doubtful that the BOCC even has the authority to unilaterally raise the limit by 35 times the current amount. This vote could open the county up to legal challenges, which leaves Brevard residents to pay any legal expenses incurred by the county.

      2. The grade crossing infrastructure will need to be upgraded to accommodate the high-speed rail infrastructure and the added tracks to be installed by AAF/FEC. We do not have anything in writing from AAF or FEC promising to incur the cost of these upgrades. All discussions to date have been for gate closures that do not meet the recommended safety standards. Before any concessions are given by Brevard County, it must be clear who will pay this multi-million dollar expense.

      3. Quiet zones create two costs for Brevard County:

      a. First, it will cost money to apply for them and implement them. The State of Florida had allocated $10 Million for some of the quiet zone costs. $9 million of that has already been allocated to southern counties. It is important that Brevard know exactly how much this will cost to implement and who will incur that cost.

      b. Second, there is likely an increase in Brevard’s ongoing insurance costs. if Brevard applies for quiet zones, it is our understanding that liability for incidents on the track shifts from AAF to Brevard. We do not know how much this will cost, but it will be perpetual.

      4. Safety personnel and equipment upgrades will be necessary as a result of introducing high-speed rail to our community.

      5. Without knowing the cost to Brevard County of the impacts outlined in the EIS – both in terms of dollars and the projected deaths of Brevard visitors/residents.

      Even if you want AAF to go through Brevard County, it is incumbent upon each of you to make sure to minimize the financial and safety impacts the project has on Brevard’s citizens. Please do not give away the most significant point of leverage that Brevard has in its negotiations with AAF: the need for AAF to be added as a third-party beneficiary to Brevard’s crossing agreements with AAF.

    3. "Seeking" Private Activity Bonds, what about the RRIF loan?

      Florida NOT All Aboard
      Petition Organizer

      All Aboard Florida (AAF) has not withdrawn the RRIF loan. Headlines in recent days indicate AAF has stopped seeking the RRIF loan but will sell bonds instead. The devil is in the details as AAF is "seeking" to sell private activity bonds (PAB's). This does not mean they have the approval to sell these bonds at this point. In fact, the Palm Beach Post reported, "if approved, it would likely be the first passenger rail project to be paid for with private activity bonds". We have to question the likelihood AAF will be approved to issue any bonds in this manner.

      All Aboard Florida executives requested a meeting with Florida NOT All Aboard and we agreed to meet Tuesday, Oct. 7. Mr. Michael Reininger and Mr. Hussein Cumber attended from AAF and FECI. Ms. K.C. Traylor and one of her assistants were in attendance from FNAA. Mr. Reininger, in particular, was rude and condescending at times and frankly, nothing was accomplished at this meeting. One point of interest in particular was the fact that Mr. Reininger and Mr. Cumber did not think it was acceptable for FNAA to state we do not want our tax dollars used for this extremely risky project through the use of the RRIF loan. We have our right to our opinion and AAF has a right to theirs but we have to ask, why be concerned about the RRIF loan if AAF is planning to finance this project with these private activity bonds? The RRIF loan is still on the table, please do not let newspaper headlines sway your opinion otherwise. We will continue to ask that our tax dollars not be used to front this extremely risky project until the RRIF loan is decided or withdrawn.

      At this point selling these PAB's is a hope for All Aboard Florida as a different form of desperately needed financing. Could it be a diversionary tactic so comments to the FRA are not directed to the fact that taxpayers are at risk of being on the hook if this extremely risky project fails? Perhaps. We still ask why is the government involved at all with financing the so-called private project. All Aboard Florida should obtain private financing for their private project. The private market will invest in projects they believe are viable. Recently the private market purchased over $400 million dollars in junk bonds at 12-12.75% interest that had to have collateral attached to sell. We believe the private market had confidence in the collateral, not in the project succeeding. Even if AAF receives approval for their latest ploy of seeking these bonds, it will cost the taxpayers because these are tax-free bonds. We pay our income taxes while the purchasers of these bonds, if paid back, will pay zero taxes on the interest earned. The Tampa Bay Times calls this "corporate welfare" that "cheats the federal treasury and enables government to give an unfair advantage to one business over another".

      Please visit for sample letters to send the FRA or send our easy one click letter to reach the FRA and many of your elected officials. Make sure you written comments are submitted by 12-3-2014. United we will change the course of AAF!

      Editorial: Crack down on corporate welfare

      On top of billions of dollars in tax incentives that state and local governments offer businesses to relocate or expand, there is another unwarranted gift from taxpayers that major corporations have been enjoying: tax-exempt bonds. State and local governments are increasingly issuing these bonds on behalf of private corporations.

    4. Martin Talks with Congressman Patrick Murphy

      Florida NOT All Aboard
      Petition Organizer

      For those who were not able to tune in Thursday evening, here is the interview with Congressman Patrick E. Murphy with KC on Martin Talks.

      Stay tuned as we will also be speaking with FL Senate Candidate Bruno Moore on Oct. 16 , Dist. 18 Republican US House of Rep. Candidate Carl Domino on Oct. 23, and Sen. Joe Negron on Oct. 30! We will share all of these shows on our web site, on Facebook and through the petition site. Thank you for listening!

      Martin Talks w/ KC Traylor

      KC talks to Congressman Murphy about the many issues that affect our area.

    5. Brevard to Martin Rally - Please join us Oct. 25

      Florida NOT All Aboard
      Petition Organizer

      Please join us and please share our flier! Our featured speakers are:

      Congressman Patrick Murphy
      Rep. Larry Lee
      Rep. Gayle Harrell
      Congressman Bill Posey's aide, Mr. David Jackson
      Mayor of Stuart - Troy McDonald
      Martin Vice Chair BOCC - Ed Fielding
      IRC Comm. Bob Solari
      SLC Comm. Chair Frannie Hutchinson
      Brevard Comm. Trudie Infantini

      Sen. Joe Negron - pending schedule at this point

      Thank you. We look forward to seeing you there!

    6. FNAA volunteer asks Charlie Crist to sign our his response here.

      Florida NOT All Aboard
      Petition Organizer

      Will either of our gubernatorial candidates state their position on All Aboard Florida? The both seem to dodge taking an official position.

      Gubernatorial Candidate Charlie Crist refuses to sign petition Against AAF

      We asked Charlie Crist if he would sign the FNAA petition. He had the pen in his hand and when he found out what it was for he handed it back and said he would look into it. His aide took the petition and then handed it back several minutes later without a signature.

    7. Visit our website and choose a letter to send to the FRA by 12/3/2014!

      Florida NOT All Aboard
      Petition Organizer

      Now is our time to comment! We have over 30,000 people that have signed our petition against AAF roaring through our communities. Now, let's send 30,000+ letters to the FRA telling them we do not want AAF!!!

      Use this form to automatically send a letter to the FRA and others:

      or choose from letters at this link to copy and paste:

      Stop All Aboard Florida

      Please take a moment and send our form letter to the Federal Railroad Administration and to other elected officials. The letter goes to the following 2 email addresses: & John Winkle of the FRA. Also: Office of Governor Rick Scott, Federal Railroad Administration: Mr. John Winkle/Transportation Industry Analyst, U.S.

    8. Gubernatorial candidate Adrain Wyllie is NOT All Aboard.

      Florida NOT All Aboard
      Petition Organizer

      WSTU was unable to stream last nights Martin Talks show with gubernatorial candidate, Adrian Wyllie. Listen to hear what he would do as governor to stop All Aboard Florida.

      Martin Talks - 9-25-14

      Captured Live on Ustream at

    9. Reached 17,500 signatures
    10. Adrian Wyllie is the guest this week on Martin Talks!

      Florida NOT All Aboard
      Petition Organizer

      Please join KC this week as she speaks with Libertarian Candidate for Governor, Adrian Wyllie! Check out the upcoming guests!

      Sept. 25 Adrian Wyllie - Libertarian Candidate for Governor

      Oct. 2 Martin County BOCC Chair Sarah Heard

      Oct. 9 U.S. Congressman Patrick Murphy - Dist. 18 U.S. House of Representatives

      Oct. 16 Bruno Moore - Dist. 32 Senate Democratic Candidate

      Oct 23 Carl Domino - Dist. 18 Republican Candidate for U.S. House of Representatives

      Oct. 30 Sen. Joe Negron - District 32 Senator

      Every Thursday evening from 6:00-6:30. WSTU AM 1450 or listen online. Shows are posted on the website after the show as well.

      Martin Talks: New Weekly Radio Show Featuring K.C. Traylor on WSTU AM 1450 at 6:00 PM

      Please tune in weekly on Thursday evenings (starting 8/7/2014) to WSTU AM 1450 at 6:00 p.m. Florida NOT All Aboard Founder K.C. Traylor will host a 30 minute radio program called Martin Talks! KC's first guest will be Stuart Mayor Troy McDonald. The show will air once weekly and will also stream on the internet.

    11. Meeting locations announced

      Florida NOT All Aboard
      Petition Organizer

      An Update from Congressman Patrick Murphy:

      Today, the draft environmental impact statement (EIS) for All Aboard Florida (AAF) was released by the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA). While I will be spending the weekend carefully going through it, I wanted to make sure you got it immediately. You can view the draft EIS here:

      There will now be a 75 day public comment period, which you can participate in by sending your comments to FRA at the address below or electronically via: All comments must be received by December 3, 2014.

      FRA Address for Public Comments:
      Mr. John Winkle
      Federal Railroad Administration
      1200 New Jersey Avenue, SE, Room W38-311
      Washington, DC 20590

      Additionally, the FRA will be hosting several local information meetings, taking place in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Stuart, Port St. Lucie, Vero Beach, Cocoa, and Orlando over the last week of October and first two weeks of November. This includes meetings at the West Palm Beach Marriott from 3:30pm-7:00pm on October 29th, The Kane Center in Stuart from 3:30pm-7:00pm on October 30th, and the Port St. Lucie Civic Center from 3:30pm-7:00pm on November 6th. For a full list of meeting dates, times, and locations, please visit:

      I encourage all residents of the Treasure Coast and Palm Beaches to participate in this public comment period to make sure our community concerns continue to be heard and considered before the final EIS is released.

      - Patrick

    12. Draft EIS released with 75 day public comment period

      Florida NOT All Aboard
      Petition Organizer

      What is the DEIS?

      • Draft EIS (DEIS) – the purpose of the DEIS is to disclose all environmental effects associated with the project alternatives, whether they are adverse or beneficial and allow the public to review and comment on the document. FRA has prepared and published this DEIS in coordination with the FAA, USACE and USCG and informed the public through a notice in the Federal Register, newspaper ads and press releases. Public information meetings on the DEIS will be held during the 75‐day public
      comment period.
      • Final EIS (FEIS) – following the public comment period on the DEIS, FRA will prepare and publish a FEIS that responds to public and agency comments.
      • Record of Decision (ROD) – FRA will issue a single document that consists of the Final Environmental Impact Statement and Record of Decision pursuant to Pub. L. 112‐141, 126 Stat. 405, Section 1319(b) unless FRA determines that statutory criteria or practicability considerations preclude issuance of such a combined document. FRA may approve the RRIF loan request after the ROD has been finalized.

      All Aboard Florida - Miami to Orlando Passenger Rail Service Draft Environmental Impact Statement

      The public homepage for the Federal Railroad Administration, an operating mode of the Department of Transportation.


      Florida NOT All Aboard
      Petition Organizer

      Can our early 1900's vintage bridges handle another 32 operations every day? What if there is an emergency and responders cannot cross because the bridge is stuck down? All Aboard Florida should go west or do not come at all.

      Railway bridge over St. Johns River stuck in down position

      JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The Florida East Coast Railway bridge across the St. Johns River has been stuck in the down position for almost a week, and it's affecting boat traffic and marine business. Many local fishermen have been unable to reach the other side of the bridge, and they said it's costing them thousands.

    14. Tune in and listen to KC talk with financial expert Jonathon Squires!

      Florida NOT All Aboard
      Petition Organizer

      Let's talk about All Aboard Florida obtaining foreign financing! Tune in to WSTU AM 1450 or follow us the internet Thursday at 6:00 p.m. and listen to KC talk with financial expert Jonathon Squires. Call in with your questions at 772-220-9788.

      Martin Talks: New Weekly Radio Show Featuring K.C. Traylor on WSTU AM 1450 at 6:00 PM - Florida NOT All Aboard

      Please tune in weekly on Thursday evenings (starting 8/7/2014) to WSTU AM 1450 at 6:00 p.m. Florida NOT All Aboard Founder K.C. Traylor will host a 30 minute radio program called Martin Talks! KC's first guest will be Stuart Mayor Troy McDonald.

    15. Letter from a FNAA supporter.......

      Florida NOT All Aboard
      Petition Organizer

      To the Editor, Press Journal

      The taxpayers should be delighted that U.S. Rep Bill Posey has raised the subject of what appropriate interest rate the US Government should attach to the All Aboard Florida loan.
      An accurate answer can be found in the recent loan of $405 million which was recently made to AAF, underwritten by Wall Street investment companies --- 12% for a five year loan. If a 30 year loan is desired the interest rate should be 22.8% our 1.9 times the rate of a 5 year loan. This ratio is exactly what the market says the US Treasury must pay for a 30 year versus 5 year borrowing (3.158% and 1.63%). Next the government must decide if AAF can pay the $428 million a year debt service required by a $1.875 billion, 30 year loan with a 22.8% rate.
      If 32 trains a day, every day of the year each have 400 passengers, AAF would need $91.60 from each passenger merely to repay the loan!
      Would our Governor, 2 US Senators and 25 Congressman make this loan? If not would they please follow the good example of Congressmen Posey and Murphy ---- write their own letters to the Comptroller General about this disaster of a loan application by AAF.

      Nicholas Schaus 30 August, 2014

    16. Please join us for a rally and fundraiser on Sept. 13 at Archies!

      Florida NOT All Aboard
      Petition Organizer

      Please join us and many of your elected officials at Archie's on Sept. 13! Please join us to support our cause, listen to the latest updates on AAF and enjoy some music by Chubby Bones! Thank you ARCHIE'S for your tremendous support!!!!

      Shoo Shoo the Choo Choo Rally to benefit Florida NOT All Aboard

      Please join us for a rally benefiting Florida NOT All Aboard on Saturday, September 13, 2014 from Noon to 6PM at Archie's in Ft. Pierce. Please click for more details & we hope to see you there! Shoo Shoo The Choo Choo Rally September 13, 2014

    17. Bill Posey, Patrick Murphy Team Up Against All Aboard Florida

      Florida NOT All Aboard
      Petition Organizer

      Congressmen Patrick Murphy and Bill Posey have asked the Government Accountability Office to review the feasibility of the RRIF loan to All Aboard Florida. They do not have a vote but we thank them for being "our voice'!

      Read about it at the following link:

      Bill Posey, Patrick Murphy Team Up Against All Aboard Florida

      All Aboard Florida is drawing the concern of two Florida congressmen who joined together, despite partisan differences, in asking the federal government to conduct a study to see if its plan to connect Orlando to Miami by high-speed rail is viable. U.S. Rep. Bill Posey, R-Fla., wrote U.S.

    18. Please write today to Sen. Nelson and Sen. Rubio!

      Florida NOT All Aboard
      Petition Organizer

      #FNAA #AAF We thank Congressman Patrick E. Murphy and Congressman Bill Posey for being our voice and carrying our concerns to the GAO! Florida NOT All Aboard has requested Sen. Bill Nelson and Sen. Marco Rubio join Rep. Posey and Rep. Murphy with this action. Please write Sen. Rubio and Sen. Nelson today and request they join this cause. Thank You.

      Senator Bill Nelson

      Senator Marco Rubio

      Dear Senator Nelson and Senator Rubio,

      Please consider joining Congressman Murphy and Congressman Posey in requesting a viability review by the GAO. The bipartisan support of our elected officials is encouraged by over 25,000 residents that have signed our petition against All Aboard Florida roaring through our communities. We do not support fronting the loan, backed by the U.S. Taxpayer, on another very risky high speed rail project. We hope to hear from you very soon.


    19. Please tune in w/ KC to Martin Talks every Thurs at 6:00 pm on WSTU AM 1450

      Florida NOT All Aboard
      Petition Organizer

      Martin Talks Radio Show with K.C. Traylor

      Please tune in weekly on Thursday evening to WSTU AM 1450 at 6:00 p.m. K.C. Traylor will host a 30 minute radio program called Martin Talks! Our first guest will be Mayor Troy McDonald on August 7.

      The show will air once weekly and will also stream on the internet. Check out our web site,, starting with tomorrow's show for a link! We will update you on the latest All Aboard Florida news as we speak with various Martin County leaders and speak about other issues that affect where you live in Martin County!

      K.C. hopes you can tune in!

    20. Reached 15,000 signatures
    21. Please contact Pres. Obama - AAF admits they do not need RRIF loan

      Florida NOT All Aboard
      Petition Organizer

      The White House
      1600 Pennsylvania Ave. N.W.
      Washington, D.C. 20500


      Dear President Obama,

      I am a concerned taxpayer who does not want my money gambled on a risky high speed rail project. There are no profitable passenger rail lines in North America and as such, I believe All Aboard Florida should obtain financing through the private sector only. In fact, Mr. Don Robinson, CEO and President of All Aboard Florida, has stated publicly they do not need the RRIF loan. Mr. President, why risk the taxpayer's money on a project which can obtain other financing? We elected you to spend our money wisely and judiciously. Please act on the side of caution, protect the American Taxpayer, and tell All Aboard Florida to use the private financing they have admitted is available. - July 29, 2014

      "We are a privately funded group." He does note, however, "We are applying for a federal RRIF (Railroad Rehabilitation and Improvement Financing) loan, which is a loan that the Federal Railroad Administration issues."
      We asked Robinson flat out, "Is there any scenario in which you could see this project not coming to fruition?" Here was his reply.
      "It's privately funded, privately operated on privately owned land. We can do this without the federal RRIF loan if needed."

      Submit Questions & Comments | The White House

      President Obama is committed to creating the most open and accessible administration in American history. To send questions, comments, concerns, or well-wishes to the President or his staff, please use the form below. Organization Contact Form

    22. FNAA meets with FDOT officials in Stuart, FL

      Florida NOT All Aboard
      Petition Organizer

      FNAA met with FDOT officials on Wednesday as reported in TC Palm. We arranged a meeting with a local marine business owner who shared the concerns of all marine business owners with the FDOT state officials. FNAA also arranged to take the FDOT officials on a boat tour of the St. Lucie Bridge in Stuart, FL. As timing would have it, the bridge was down for a train and officials were able to note how low the clearance was as well as the condition of the bridge.

      FNAA also requested that Governor Scott issue an official statement on his position on All Aboard Florida.

      From TC Palm by Arnie Rosenberg:
      FDOT boss: All Aboard Florida has ‘communications, information gap'

      Over the two days Prasad met with K.C. Traylor, founder of the main opposition group Florida Not All Aboard; Martin County Commissioner Sarah Heard; St. Lucie County Commissioner Frannie Hutchinson; Tequesta Mayor Abby Brennan; Jupiter Mayor Karen Golanka; and Palm Beach County Commissioner Steven Abrams. Scheduling kept him from meeting with CARE FL, a group comprising gated communities in southern Martin County and northern Palm Beach County.

      In an exclusive interview with Scripps Treasure Coast Newspapers, Ananth Prasad, secretary of the Florida Department of Transportation, said All Aboard Florida may have “underestimated” public concerns over the $2.25 billion project.

      “I think that’s a little bit of the problem with All Aboard Florida,” Prasad said after two days in the Treasure Coast and South Florida to hear the concerns of public officials and organized All Aboard Florida opposition groups. “They’ve been talking through the news media and news articles and press releases rather than rolling up their sleeves and getting engaged.”

      FDOT boss: All Aboard Florida has 'communications, information gap'

      The top state transportation official spent two days in the area, listening to All Aboard Florida opponents. Find out what he has to say.

    23. Poll: Weigh in on Shaping Our Future key issues

      Florida NOT All Aboard
      Petition Organizer
      Poll: Weigh in on Shaping Our Future key issues

      We've gathered some of our Shaping Our Future team's hottest issues from the past year. Vote for the one you think is the most important, and tell us why you made your choice in the comments. Then check on Sunday to see what columnist Rich Campbell has to say.


    Reasons for signing

    • Robert Sangrey OAK RIDGE, TN
      • about 12 hours ago

      Because we like Jensen beach and plan to retire there. Train will impact people already being held up by the trains due to the design of the roads, not to mention the noise pollution.

    • Kathleen Urciuoli FORT PIERCE, FL
      • about 13 hours ago

      This project will be the death of the Treasure Coast.

    • Teresa Rose VIERA, FL
      • about 16 hours ago

      We tried stopping this many years ago. Knew it would rear it's ugly head again. Do you think they will put more "corridors" within this rail line; like coal slurry lines, jet fuel, etc. They tried that before when it was Canaveral Port to Orlando airport. And what does Disney have to do with this? I'm sure they are heavily involved.

    • Bill Schabot VERO BEACH, FL
      • about 19 hours ago

      This is crazy. Build a monorail out west through the cow pastured 30 feet off ground with no road crossings. All built above roads and won't disturb anyone and is a faster route.

    • Albert Rose MELBOURNE, FL
      • about 23 hours ago

      I do not want to spend my tax dollars on a project that will ultimately fail.


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