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Stop Al-Qaeda From Exploiting Gun Law Loopholes

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Al Qaeda spokesman and potential Bin Laden successor Adam Gadahn recently released a video urging members to take the “golden opportunity” to exploit U.S. gun laws to buy guns and commit terrorist acts on American soil. By leaving gun law loopholes open, we’re effectively assisting al-Qaeda and exposing Americans to this grave threat. But Congress has the power to close these gun law gaps. That’s why we are calling on Congress to require a background check for every gun sale and ensure that the names of those who should be prohibited from buying guns are entered into the background check system. In al-Qaeda's recent video, U.S.-born member Adam Gadahn announces forcefully, “America is absolutely awash with easily obtainable firearms.” Gadahn promises al-Qaeda's "lone wolves" that they can purchase these deadly weapons “without a background check, and most likely without having to show an identification card” at gun shows. Right now, gaps in our nation’s gun laws allow anyone to buy weapons and ammunition without a background check -- including, for example, semi- automatic rifles and extended magazines. To make matters worse, the background check system has massive gaps. Not everyone who is legally prohibited from buying a gun has been entered into the background check database -- and the “Terror Gap” means that even people on the FBI terrorist watch list can buy guns and explosives without any delay. Ask Congress to close gun law loopholes and the Terror Gap.

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      • over 3 years ago

      We / You shoud be limiting gun access to everyone. Obvouisly limits are needed - just look at all the Americans who are killed on American soil each year.

    • William Kennedy FILLMORE, NY
      • over 3 years ago

      Yes, gun mooks all : Virginia Tech, Kobold, Kent State, nameless victims, Vilna, nothing will impress you. But *I BET* these towel heads, if they are colorful and loud while murdering American citizens, and caught on a quality phone, and broadcast on commercial TV, can wake you up : guns are not a defensive tool. A criminal might consider your gun as target #1 and then it's a poor shield.

      In Japan guns are rare and crime is rare; this is causal and not co-incidental.

      As to hunting : deer are a scant remnant of the Pleistocene fauna. North America was wilder than Africa before people arrived. With the Wolf killed and forests ragged but substantial, deer warrant culling. Otherwise the hunter is often a trigger-pullin' fatso with GPS and polar fleece and time on his hands.

      As to religious people : if you act in a god's name, even pick your nose, or smuggle Bibles, or shoot an infidel in the back, YOU are greater than the god. You did the "thinking", made the decision, did the act. Very smug too. What you did was not prevented; and what you did was not already being done by any god. They are just story characters after all, so they never act. [read Mark 9] [see Talpiot/Jesus' bones found year 1981] [read the Koran for 30 seconds]

      The burden of right behavior, of ethics, is there on your shoulders. Never pass it on to some fictional entity.

    • Gregory King MINNEAPOLIS, MN
      • over 3 years ago

      Extremism begets extremism and I do not feel safer with more guns in the hands of anyone, American or otherwise. Close gun law loopholes.

    • Alan Lesselyong DALLAS, TX
      • over 3 years ago

      Dear Patrick,

      I'm almost without words that your organization would propagate such propaganda. Not only is there more evidence that Osama Bin Laden died in 2002 than there is that he died in 2011, but by implying that someone protected by the 14th Ammendment is going to become the successor of Al-CIAda is reckless and offensive.  Furthermore, by displaying this graphic of some non-existant YouTube video lasting one minute and one second, change.org using blatant lies to encourage free Americans to support the enactment of unconstitutional laws that castrate their own their 2nd Amendment Right.  Hopefully more people will search YouTube for 'Adam Gadahn Lone Wolf' and see the word 'EXPOSED' attached. Can you explain why the email says that the video was from YouTube and the signature page shows the video from vimeo?

      Enjoy your First Amendment Right (assuming you are an an American, Patrick) while you still can.


    • Bill Winter SYRACUSE, NY
      • over 3 years ago

      It is funny, in a sad way, that the people who defend our right to bear arms most vigorously are often the same people who strongly oppose extra-national groups like Al Quaeda. Yet, the actions of these groups support Al Quaeda. You have to think about ALL of the implications of your actions, not just those that you support.


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