Stop Abuse From The Credit Bureaus
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Stop Abuse From The Credit Bureaus

    1. Aubray Jackson
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      Aubray Jackson

      Lancaster, CA

Consumers should not be just another number. In this hard economic time this appears to be all that we are a number that takes 30-90 days to get fixed by agnecies we have no control over or even have an easy way to make a connection with. How is it that witch technology growing all three credit reporting agencies can't seem to get on board start using a system in which they can update consumers faster, more accurate, and less of a hassle?

We need to take charge and take action. Another issue that is part of this petition is also the demand that if a business requires to pull a credit score, and this can damage the score, then they should be enforced to report to all three agencies with up to date payment information as this is our right underneath the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

It's time to stop the abuse and demand the right to be reported fairly and accurately if we are forced to be a number in our society then we need to be given the opportunity to be the right number.  

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