Let Laura Millard attend Liz's senior prom
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Stillwater High School

Let Laura Millard attend Liz's senior prom

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      Laura Millard

      saratoga, NY

Equality of same-sex couples going to prom; the irrelevance of my age being 21 does not matter.

Stillwater High School
Let Laura Millard attend Liz's senior prom

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      Laura Millard
      Petition Organizer

      thank you so much for your support! :) Mr. Fernandez has e-mailed me back and encouraged me to fill out a guest permission form; and will conduct a interview to express his expectations.
      "For many years, our guest permission slip has indicated that individuals over the age of 21 are not permitted at our prom.I interview all of our prom guests before granting permission to attend. The interview allows me to clearly provide my expectations including parts of our code of conduct for guests attending our prom .I look forward to conversing with you once I receive a guest permission form. Guest permission forms will be available first thing Monday, April 8th." direct quote. Please keep signing and sending a message; you all changed my life thank you I cannot express how happy this makes me.

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