Include Small Bottle Shops In Proposed Initiatives 46 & 47
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Include Small Bottle Shops In Proposed Initiatives 46 & 47

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      Barrique Barrel

Oregon Proposed Initiatives 46 & 47 will hurt small businesses.

If passed, they will allow liquor to be sold in grocery stores that are greater than 10,000 square feet and allow liquor stores to sell beer & wine. These initiatives are a reaction to the liquor privatization effort being driven by the Northwest Grocery Association on behalf of its members, including Fred Meyer and Safeway.

Small businesses that sell beer and wine will not be allowed to sell liquor, putting them at a severe competitive disadvantage. While a Governor-appointed Oregon Distilled Liquor Board will be able to make some exceptions (50 businesses in 2014 and 5 each year after that), most small bottle shops will be left out. This provision is written because of concerns regarding availability at convenience stores, but why should small, independently-owned businesses be excluded? I'm asking the Oregon legislators to include a provision allowing liquor sales at small businesses that generate greater than 90% of their sales from alcohol, such as your local bottle shop.

If you are a supporter of bottle shops because you love seeing Oregon breweries and wineries on their shelves and you love talking about these products with a knowledgeable staff, please sign this petition.

If you are a supporter of Oregon distilleries and you would like to see their products on MORE shelves and sold by a knowledgeable staff, please sign this petition.

If you just don't want to see more small businesses edged out by corporations, please sign this petition.

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    2. Small business supporters are the best kind of supporters!

      When I scroll through the signatures who have given a reason for supporting our petition, I notice one major theme…you all stand behind small businesses. THANK YOU. It is heart-warming and gratifying to hear that! I know that all of our great bottle shops in town love hearing that!

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    Reasons for signing

    • Joe Middleton PORTLAND, OR
      • 9 months ago

      The current law is unfair in that it favors big business only, not everyone.

    • Jake Bliven CHULA VISTA, CA
      • 9 months ago

      If you are a true Oregonian then you know damn well why!!!!

    • Steven Roberts PORTLAND, OR
      • 9 months ago

      SMALL BUSINESS is the backbone of our society! Don't let the giants kill our neighbors.

    • Richard Allen MCMINNVILLE, OR
      • 9 months ago

      Assisting "mega-stores" at the expense of small beer and wine stores will have a detrimental effect on the craft beer industry.

    • Michael Buchalter PORTLAND, OR
      • 9 months ago

      My friend owns an amazing bottle shop. My wife, my friends and myself would be heartbroken if they were at a disadvantage to larger stores with something as big as selling liquor.


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