Say NO to Wind Turbines in Northeast Alabama!
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State Rep. Jim McClendon
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State Rep. Mike Hubbard
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Say NO to Wind Turbines in Northeast Alabama!

    1. Cara Coker
    2. Petition by

      Cara Coker

      Gadsden, AL

My name is Cara Pearson Coker and I am creating this petition for my six year old daughter, Lillian and I will explain why. On March 12, 2014, I picked Lilli up from school and as we were walking out of the door she handed me a piece of notebook paper with "Partition" written in kindergartener handwriting across the top. She asked, "Will you please sign my petition, Mama?" My previous profession of 14 years was education so I asked, "What's a petition?" Lillian quickly replied, "A petition is something you get people to sign if you want someone to do something or stop doing something. say somebody is going to tear down my favorite playground. I would start a petition for them not to tear it down and if I got enough signs they would stop." I was quite impressed with her thorough definition and clever example and proceeded with, "Well, what are you petitioning?" Without skipping a beat, Lillian said, "I want to stop those people from building windmills on top of our beautiful mountain! You know the one where we hike and climb? If they put windmills up there then we won't be able to go there anymore and windmills won't work here anyway...we don't have enough wind, Mama! When they build them their going to be big and dangerous and they'll have to tear up the rocks and land. It's just not a good idea! We HAVE to stop them!" Powerful words coming from a six year old! Through social networking, word of Lillian's petition has traveled fast and she has been asked to hand deliver her petition in Montgomery Wednesday, March 19, 2014. When I asked her if she wanted to go to Montgomery and do this her response was, "I have to do it, Mama! Somebody has to stop them from building the windmills on my beautiful mountain!" I have many thoughts, opinions, and facts about wind turbines, but I'm not going to include them here. This petition was Lillian's idea and this is her project and she truly believes she CAN save her "beautiful mountain." I believe she can as well, but not without your help! She is a very bright child and understands that if she doesn't have enough "signs" it will not be effective, so please sign her petition. Lillian and I moved to Alabama from Georgia after her daddy, my husband of ten years, passed a way. I grew up in Gadsden, AL and spent a lot of time at Cherokee Rock Village growing up. Once we were settled I began taking Lillian to Cherokee Rock Village. We have done a lot of soul searching and soul cleansing there. She believes she is closer to her daddy in Heaven when she is there. Please show this little girl that she CAN make a difference by signing her petition. All you have to do is sign it and pass it on. She will do the rest! Thank you for your support.

State Rep. Jim McClendon, Alabama-050
State Rep. Craig Ford, Alabama-028
State Rep. Richard Lindsey, Alabama-039
State Rep. Mike Hubbard, Alabama-079
Gov. Robert Bentley, Alabama-063
State Rep. Becky Nordgren, Alabama-029
Say NO to Wind Turbines in Northeast Alabama!

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      Cara Coker
      Petition Organizer

      Lillian's petition, honesty, strength, and bravery received a unanimous vote for SB 12 by House committee members on March 19th, but amendments were made to strengthen the guidelines and regulations of the bill and it is stalled in the House AGAIN! Please follow the link below and send all of Alabama's Representatives an email in support of Senate Bill 12! Lillian has come this far and she won't give up until she stops the "Wind mills on her beautiful mountain."

      Thank you so much for your support!

      Cara and Lillian Coker

      Support Representative Nordgren's SB12 Substitute

      Posted on Written by Friends, Representative Becky Nordgren spent 95 minutes yesterday advocating for her substitute bill to SB12 that she is proposing. Her substitute will strengthen the current SB12 for residents by going back to 40 flat decibels instead of 50 average and 2500 ft.

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    3. Big Time!!!

      Cara Coker
      Petition Organizer

      Lillian has an interview with The Gadsden Times on Monday! Prayers for this sweet girl. May God guide her in what has to be done! This would not be happening without your support!

    4. Reached 250 signatures
    5. 200 Signatures!!!

      Cara Coker
      Petition Organizer

      I CAN NOT wait to tell Lillian that she hit 200 signatures! In her little mind that number is astronomical! Thank you all for signing, sharing, means a lot to Lillian and myself!

    6. Reached 200 signatures
    7. WOW!!!

      Cara Coker
      Petition Organizer

      We are three signatures away from 100!!! This is amazing and brings tears to my guys are AMAZING!!! Thank you so much! I wish you could see Lillian's face this morning as I updated her with signatures, shares, messages, and comments. She said, "People are GREAT, Mama! I can't believe everybody loves my beautiful mountain as much as I do!"

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    Reasons for signing

    • Peggy Cumbie MONTGOMERY, AL
      • 6 months ago

      Wow! We all need to listen to Lillian's conviction for what she believes in. If each of us would stand up for what we believe in, just think of the changes in our country and the world. I agree that wind turbines are dangerous and it took the courage of this little girl to get me to say so. Not only "what will happen to the animals who live there," but what about the birds who migrate south and fly into them. Isn't there already an issue on the east coast with sea birds dying by wind turbines? Also, if I build a sand castle next to a puddle and call the puddle an ocean, is my puddle an ocean? Why build turbines without wind to propel them? Without wind, are they truly wind turbines, or as Lillian seems to think, eye sores, and nature's upheaval? Upheaval--disturbance: a strong or sudden change in political, social, or living conditions. Go Lillian!!!

    • David Shockey MADISON, AL
      • 6 months ago

      Wind farms are an eyesore and a waste of taxpayer money.

    • Adet Stephens CENTRE, AL
      • 6 months ago

      I was born and raised in this county and want to preserve its beauty. We have an electric power plant in our area and do not need another source of power to generate electricity. We gained a lake from the AL Power project, but at the same time we lost fertile land and many historical sites. We do not need to sacrifice any more of our natural beauty for the sake of wind turbines.

    • Jacqueline Eubank JEFFERSON, GA
      • 6 months ago

      My family is from Jacksonville Alabama and we drive up that mountain every time we go visit family. My Grandaddy proposed to my Grammy by the little waterfall, and I want to be able to take my kids there and share that special place with them!

    • Sharon Williams PHENIX CITY, AL
      • 7 months ago

      Wind farms are ugly & dangerous. Maybe if they would stop trying to decimate the coal industry in our State, we wouldn't need these wind farms.


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