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Retract his damaging statement that women should stay with abusive spouses.

    1. Sara Wolf
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      Sara Wolf

      Madison, WI

Don Pridemore, a representative in the state of Wisconsin, has recently made the appaling statement that women should never divorce their husbands for any reason, not even violent or abusive behavior. The damage that following such advice would create, for women and children, is obvious. In addition, for such a statement to be made by an authority figure makes the environment for survivors of domestic violence and child abuse that much more toxic, and the possibility of getting help and coming to safety that much more difficult. Victims of domestic violence face enough hardship in trying to find physical and emotional safety; they do not need to be shamed further. Please, consider signing this petition and leaving a comment regarding why such a statement is damaging; if you have personal information rather than statistical information, all the better. Let's make this this man face the human toll of such inexcusable insensitivity.

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    • Y x COSTA MESA, CA
      • over 2 years ago

      Is this man from outer space?

    • Phillipa Watson HILLMAN, AUSTRALIA
      • over 2 years ago

      this middle-eastern belief that men own women and children is too harmful to consider. It's something that belongs in antiquity. A free country should mean a free country. If I want to be free of a less than ideal situation for my children and I for whatever reason, especially when violence is/has been involved, then I shouldn't have to fight to be able to do so.

    • Autumn S. HASTINGS, NE
      • over 2 years ago

      I am signing this because if my mother hadn't left my crazy bi-polar and abusive/neglectful father, we would have likely been murdered by my (At that time) very unstable(She tried committing suicide at least once) and bi-polar mother who was also suffering PTSD, depression, and a bunch of other mental issues that she still struggles with.

      I don't even want to remotely think about where I would be if they hadn't divorced or separated. Although now that I am thinking about it, I'd probably be dead in a dumpster somewhere with my sister and my dad, while my mom is left dead on the floor of some bathroom after her suicide.

      Are our deaths, our pain, our suffering, our unnecessary abuse really not as bad as divorce? Is it really worth it to continue letting it happen, knowing full well that we can change it and stop it by utilizing divorce? What you've said, Don, is that you are OK with people beating, raping, assaulting, and torturing their spouses and/or children...and that it's OK to let these things continue...because it's 'just an excuse, and divorce is bad.'

      No, actually, divorce is sometimes life-saving and very, very good...take myself as an example if you want. I live a happier life now without them constantly fighting and screaming and threatening each other, and I wouldn't want it any other way.

    • Tammy Hansen Snell NORTH PLATTE, NE
      • over 2 years ago

      Children do better in functional, loving homes. One good parent is VASTLY better for a child than being in an abusive home.

    • Danielle Nelson SAUGUS, MA
      • over 2 years ago

      Ok let me get this straight this ass**** said that a woman should stay in a abusive relationship?? So an abusive man should be allowed to beat, rape, and verbally abuse a woman like this?!?!?! Boy this rep Don is a real piece work and what an insensitive jerk. No woman should ever have to suffer abuse of any kind.


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